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Depart San Diego and fly to Berlin with a connection at London Heathrow. 5 Nights in Berlin then onto Prague for 3 nights. Nuremberg 3 nights, Heidelberg 2 nights and finally Mainz on the Rhine for 2 nights. Depart Frankfurt with connection through London Heathrow then home to San Diego.I have only a 2 hour window to change planes in London so I was quite concerned that we would leave SAN at 8:30 pm. This British Airways plane has left later in the past and two hours isn’t much of a layover for Heathrow which is a very large and busy airport.
It arrived on time from London so we left right on schedule and arrived a few minutes early in London. Yeah!!
Sat next to a couple from Portland who have always dreamed about going to Europe. Now semi retired they plan to be there for 9 months or until the money runs out. They have everything planned until November and then they are going to play it by ear from that point forward. Fortunately they have friends in London and he has a brother who moved to Bologna, Italy in the 90’s and never came back. So they’ll have plenty of guidance and help.