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Another year takes me to more locations on the good old bucket list. From San Diego to Munich, then onto Salzburg, Vienna & finally Budapest before returning home. A lot of things to do and several day trips. One day trip from Munich to Füssen and then to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Another fro Salzburg to Halstatt and the last will be a special drive from Budapest to Sântana, Romania. This town is where more grandparents were born and raised as children. Still haven’t decide if I should go to Brechtesgaden or Innsbruck for a day trip. I would love to see Cesky Krumlove and go back to Regensburg if time permits. I’ll keep you guessing so you’ll just need to keep reading.

Unfortunately prices to fly non-stop from SAN to LHR were very expensive this year so I will fly from SAN to ORD (Chicago O Hare). It is what the airline industry calls a co-shared flight. Even though you can purchase a ticket on one airlIne it can be operated by another airline. In my case this first flight from SAN to ORD is American the othe others are British Airways. From there it is on to London Heathrow and then to Munich. Besides saving over $600, I will arrive on Saturday in Munich at 12:00 (local time) instead of 8:30 pm.
American Airlines was not very accomodating as their system cannot talk to British Airways so I could not check in online and had to wait until I arrived at the airport Friday morning. I have read this is a common problem with co-shared flights.