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Well the rental car was here and after the paper work I did leave at 7:30 am. The drive took 2 hours because of construction so I arrived in Hohenschwangau at 9:30 am. The place was already already packed with people everywhere in this very small area. It is a major attraction and very, very touristy. The Neuschwanstien Castle is up on the side of a hill and you have two options, take a horse drawn wagon or the 40 minute step walk. The wait to get up the castle was extremely long, where do all these people come from? Ugh, do I kill a whole day here amongst the mass of humanity or opt to go to Innsbruck.
The castle was continuously in the clouds and shadows so I had to wait to take some pictures. However, the weather on the ride out was beautiful, so I opted for a ride in the Alps. The first place I stopped was Garmisch-Partenkircher which is famous ski resort. It is to Germany what Aspen is to the US. A town lined with designer boutiques and restaurants and very charming. It was the host to the 1936 winter olympic games.
I then had a beautiful drive over the mountains and entered Austria over this incredible pass to enter this enormous valley high over all the villages and towns below. I wished there had been a place to pull over and take pictures but, no such luck.
As I entered Innsbruck I could see the huge ski jump to the right and decided to check it out. You could actually go in and take a lift to the top of the ski jump and look at the perilous track ski jumpers go down to compete. This must be one of the earliest forms of extreme sports because if one has the littlest sense of fear, you could not do this. They were actually so some jumps by water down the plastic track so they can jump all year.
It is now 5:00 pm and I went into the zentrum center of town, for a visit. It was quite nice and I found a side cafe and had dinner. A little look around and it was now 6:00 pm and I had a two hour drive back to Munich.
Arrive back in Munich 8:30 pm and return the rental car into the hotel parking garage. The rental car desk is right in the hotel so all I had to do after the desk was closed was to leave the keys with the concierge.
It was an incredible drive through the mountains and much more relaxing than Nueschwanstein, all though I would have liked to seen it up close. Best to go there in an off season of stay near by to get an early start or spend the money for a guide tour.
No pictures today as I somehow deleted them on the memory card as I was trying to upload. No problems as they are recoverable if I do not use that card again. A new sd card today and I’ll be in business. Once I get home, I can get on the mac and recover todays pictures. So it goes in the high tech world sometimes.
Well I didn’t get into Neuschwanstein but, I did get to the top of the worlds largest ski jump and I’ll never get to do that again. I also was very happy to see Innsbruck, it was quite breathtaking.