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Depart after breakfast from Honfleur for Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery at Coleville-sur-mer. The drive was only 30 minutes and the roads were all easy to drive.

The cemetery has a small museum at the entrance which is very nice. You exit the museum by a reflecting pool and out the cemetery. Thousands of graves are marked with crosses and some with the Star David. Several Presidents have visited ands spoke at this cemetery on anniversaries of the D-Day invasion.

Some old German bunkers are still left atop the bluffs above Omaha Beach. Drove down to the beach itself and walk along where so many die on just one day. 
Stop by the old town of Bayeux which had an incredible cathedral. The town is very charming and is a tourist stop because the museum has the Bayeux Tapestry. It tells of the the story of the Norman conquest of England in 1066 by William the Conqueror. It was most likely made in the 1070’s in England and rediscovered in 1729. 

Back to Honfleur and the town is hoping on Saturday night with many tourists. Once again a wonderful recommendation by the young lady at our hotel for dinner. La Grenouille in Honfleur is great for seafood.