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Well it’s the last day at the French Riviera or as it is called here the Côte d’Azur. I am going to take it easy and not do too much at all. Latte first thing this morning and then a stroll up to the train station to locate the bus stop for #99.  This is the bus that takes you to the airport and because of all of the construction they have changed some of the stops. After locating it I took a short walk over to this old Russian church St. Nicholas Cathedral. Around the turn of the century a lot of the elite Russians vacationed along the French Riviera. It seems back before the first world war Europeans of royalty and affluence like to come to the French Riviera. 

A little Quiche for a lunch snack and a stoll along beach promonade. It was sunny a hot around noon and yes some of the tops were coming off the women sun bathers. Mostly those laying down and sun tanning themselves. 

After that I stopped into Galleries Lafayette to check out the clothes. I have never really gone fashion shopping on any of my visits so I thought it might be the time. Found two pair of chino slacks and two shirts. I had to go to customer service and get a tax refund. There is a VAT tax on many items in Europe and if you spend enough in one day you can get a refund on the tax at the airport when you depart. I have my paper work to turn in at the airport I just need to show the receipts and have the items ready for inspection if they request to see them as proof. A little to go through for twenty euros but, what the heck.

The weather has taken a little turn and some rain clouds developed around 2:30 pm with a few drops here ans there. I’ll have a nice dinner tonight and early to bed for departure tomorrow.