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Well it was still light rain this morning but, I decided to get on the metro and head into the city center. It had just finished raining there when I got off the metro around 9:00. Walked around and for my bearings and took the walking tour which started at 11:00. Continued to cloud over and a light mist throughout the duration of the tour. Wind kicked up to so with the temperature around 60 it was a bit chilly for this boy. After about 3 1/2 hours it ended and I walked over to the “Little Mermaid” statue.
The skies started to clear for good around 4:00 and I found a nice Italian restaurant with very good food for dinner. On the way back to the metro station I went into a bakery and bought a slice of a danish kringle cake with custard, raisins and nuts, as well as a a cinnamon danish. When I arrived back at my room I made a cup of tea, to warm up with and ate the kringle. OMG it was so good and it should have been for $2.50. Can wait to eat the other one.
Tomorrow suppose to be partly sunny but, no warmer than 63.