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Left Barcelona this morning for an easy train ride to Carcassonne, France. On the ride up I could see snow on the Pyranees. A nice woman from the hotel by the name of Isabelle picked me up for the ride to the hotel. She had to drop me off in front of the Citadel becuase no cars allowed inside. When you see the pictures you’ll know why. 

 It is a very old city with huge ramparts all around it and inside the walls are a castle, cathedral and complete city of which some people still reside. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and it receives many tourists so there are plenty of restaurants, gift shops and boutiques. There are a lot of people with dogs that just sit patiently for their human counterparts to give them some snacks. Yes dogs are allowed inside the restaurants as long as they behave. The French do love their dogs. I arrived at 12:55 and by the time I got here the sun broke out and I started walking around and forgot to eat. All of the sudden I was starving for food and they all close at 3:00 and don’t open until 7:00 pm. 

The wifi doesn’t seem to be working so I need to see if I can get connect some other way. My phone singnal is on one bar. The old stone buildings that were built centuries ago are blocking those microwaves.

Great dinner, is it possible to get a bad one in France? After dinner a night walk and taking in the views of a citadel all lit up, incredibly beautiful.

I firgured out the wifi, the password is pasted on a sheet of paper on the inside of my room door. Wow that’s different.