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Awoke to rain this morning so I am very glad that I got all that walking in yesterday. This room actually had a bath tub so this aching body needed to soak this morning. Some rooms, like the room at the Hilton in Barcelona only had a shower. It’s mainly the feet that need that heat after all the walking. 

Interesting thing about this hotel is the door to the lobby is always locked because there is no one on duty. Only occupants get a key and you must always lock the door when you leave. You also have a separate key for your room. This is why someone picks you pick at the train station and takes you back.

I have a 1:37 pm train to Avignon so I’ll try to relax this morning and just watch it rain on this beautiful old cite. Too bad because I can’t even go out for some more photos. After arriving at the station the 1:37 is 20 minutes late, meaning I’ll miss my connection in Narbonne so I’ll get into Avignon at 5:33 not 4:33. It’s not like missing a connecting flight where you may not even get a connection until tomorrow.

After checking in my hotel a quick stroll for some photos before I lose my light. Avignon was once the home of the Pope during the Western Schism in the catholic church between 1378- 1417. Three men claim to be Popes at the same time and one resided in Avignon at the palace.  More reading here.

The ramparts still surround the city and the Pont Bénezet is the medieval bridge that is commemorated in the song “Sur le Pont d’Avitgnon 

Had a nice dinner of Entrecôte n frites. Depending on the weather tomorrow it is Pont du Gard or Arles.



  1. I did get to tour the Palace of the Popes when we stopped in Avignon.
    In fact I bought two square tapestries because I could pack those in my
    suitcase with ease. I had them made into pillows when I got home. Next
    time you come to visit take note of them on the living room couch!
    I doubt that anything has changed since 1997 when I was able to be there.

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