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Shared a table at breakfast this morning with a woman from Oklahoma City. She and husband were leaving this morning for Athens then the Greek Island of Santorini. She had been to Copenhagen, Amsterdam prior & Bruges the day before in pouring rain but, she had some good tips.
After morning breakfast out the door and onto the metro. Up to the Atomium, the symbol of the 1958 Brussels worlds fair, just like the Space Needle was for Seattle and the Eiffel Tower for Paris. I went up to the top sphere for a wonderful view. The sun finally broke through and I had great weather the rest of the day. A lot more walking around Brussels and then dinner at an outdoor cafe with one too many beers. At €2.00 how can you go wrong. Back in the room at 8:00 and rest the feet. Weather outlook for tomorrow is sunny and 82 so its on the train and off to Bruges.