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Arrived Heathrow & on to Oxford

Arrived on time at 2:15 pm London time Sunday , Sept. 9th. Easy thru customers and baggage claim and onto bus to Oxford, England. Only an hour ride from Heathrow and easy as the buses leave every 30 minutes during the mid day hours. Right as you exit the baggage claim at terminal 5 all the buses stop right at the curb. Very convenient.
After arriving in Oxford onto Magdalen college to check into a dorm room. When schools are not in sessions you can rent a dorm room on campus for a reasonable price plus the old buildings are beautiful. However, there is a shared tacky washroom with a toilet, sink & shower for the whole floor. I believe there was only one other room on my floor occupied so I never did see anyone in the washroom. 
On to dinner at The Quod and then a few beers at the Head of The River pub down along the River Thames.
It was a long day so it was easy to fall asleep.