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Departed San Diego on time at 8:40 pm. Smooth flight but, we had a strong tail wind that put us in 40 minutes early. I already have a 4 hour layover at Heathtrow so it just a little longer. After they served dinner on the plane I slept most of the way and awoke one hour before we landed.

We departed Heathtrow at 7:15 pm and landed in Barcelona at 10:10 pm their time. Easy border entry but, baggage took 30 minutes. Taxis cost €40 into the city center so I bought  5 day transit pass €33,70. Now I can get around unlimited on the metro, buses and trams for five days.

The metro stop is only two blocks from my hotel, the Hilton Barcelona. I arrived there at 11:50 pm, checked in and unpacked. The neighborhood looks quited nice as we are in the commercial and financial centre of Barcelona, located on the main thoroughfare Avinguda Diagonal. Many restaurants were still open at this time of night. I am looking forward to some slepp and exploring Barcelona tomorrow.