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Last day in Avignon and my train leaves at 2:45 pm so a easy morning after the long day yesterday. Enough time for a nice breakfast and then I can catch the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes). Avignon was home to 9 Popes and this the palace in which they lived and ruled from 1309 to 1403. Some of the rooms still have murals painted on the walls but, you cannot take photos in those rooms.

Bought a yummy pastry at the train and off to Aix-en-Provence. From the Avignon station you take a train to the TGV station located outside of town. These are the high speed trains and when built they had their own locations as not slow down regional traffic. All high speed trains do not have any crossings, so roads either go over the tracks or underneath them. These trains go to fast to be able to stop for other vehicles. 30 minutes later I arrive at Aix-en-Provence TVG and a bus takes you into the town.

My hotel is easy walking distance from the bus stop and right in the middle of the oldest part of town. Aix-en-Provence is a very cultural city and through the years has attracted writers like Hemingway and Emile Zola to painters, like its own Paul Cézanne. After checking into my room I started to walk around, get my compass going and take pictures. The weather is absolutely perfect for taking photos and sitting at the sidewalk cafe. It is true that when you sit a a table in Europe they’ll never ask you to leave. I started with a rosé wine and after 30 minutes ordered food and a blanc wine. All chairs face the street at sidewalk cafes so you can people watch. A very relaxing afternoon but, the internet at the hotel is very slow and I am having diffculty uploading todays pix.

A whole day tomorrow to try and get caught up.