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Well, all of the flight changes came off smoothly with very little time to spare. Arrived in Munich just before noon and slid through boarder control easily. The officer in my line was yelling at several people ahead of me but, I couldn’t exactly hear what it was about. I was getting a little nervous so whenI got to the window I smiled and said hello. He took my passport look at it and ask where in the US I came from, “San Diego, California” I replied. He then open the book, stamp it, smiled back and said have a nice time. When I got to the baggage carousel I saw the other people he had been yelling at and they where Russians, on the flight that landed just before us.
Well then a down turn, my luggage did not arrive. The woman at baggage claim had been notified that my luggage would not be on the plane but, did not know where it was or when I would get it. After filing a claim I jump on the train to Munich.
My hotel, the Munich Hilton, has a tunnel right into the S & U Bahn Rosenheimer station. WOW. That’s convenient. Now here’s an interesting story about the site this hotel now stands as it was the old site of Bürgerbräukeller. It was here Georg Elser planted a time bomb to go off when Hitler was making his annual Putsch speech in 1939. Hitler cut the speech short to get back to Berlin and the bomb went off minutes later killing scores. Had Hitler stayed longer, not only would he have died but, all his top men, Goering, Bormen, Himmler, Geobbels and others were all in attendance. How history would have changed.
After getting into my room I headed on to Marienplatz the center of Munich and just to S Bahn stations from me. It was a warm day so a cold beer was in order. Augustiner Brau accompanied by Schwienbraten, potato dumpling and kraut. Killer!!
After getting back to the room I received a call from the front desk that my luggage arrived and they were bringing it to my room. Yeah clean clothes.
Tomorrow a walking tour, so history class tomorrow kids.