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When I got up it was raining just as predicted. So one needs to,do,something inside on a rainy day, off to the station, jump onto a tram and down to the museums.
First the Van Gough, and I got there just a little after they open at 9:00. The line to get in wasn’t too bad and even if it was it would have been worth the wait. I saw some classic Van Gogh’s at the d’Orsay in Paris but, this collection was very impressive. If you’re not familiar with some of his work I’ll include some off the internet as no photography was allowed inside. boooo.
He only started painting when he was 27 and died at 37. Within that period he created a massive amount of work, considering he suffered at times from extreme depression and hallucinations where he could not work. He was also institutionalized for a period of time as well. During productive spurts he would do a painting a day.
After that it was still raining so I went to the Stedelijk museum next door because they supposedly had some Matisse, Picasso and Chagall works. They had some rooms block off so I only saw the Parrot & Mermaid by Matisse.
When I came out I was hungry and had Dutch pancakes at a pancake shop. They were very thin much like my grandmothers and one covered the whole plate. I had mine with bananas, chocolate and a little powdered sugar on the top.
Rain started in as I was eating so a short distance was the Amsterdam museum and all about the history of Amsterdam. I like these museums as you always learn something new about the city. Did you know at one time the Dutch used tulip bulbs as a form of currency. No wonder they so identify with tulips.
After that museum I just started to ride the trolley around to see other parts of the city. I ended up at the Olympic Stadium from the 1928 Olympics held in Amsterdam. Then to what they call the flower market, which is kind of a tourists trap. Not a lot of real flowers but you can purchase bulbs and seeds of any kind and souvenirs of course.
Time for dinner and a little ride again on the trolley and back to the hotel. That made for a full day as I left at 8:30 am and got back to the hotel at 6:30 pm.