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Welcome to Europe Traveler Guide, the web site dedicated to providing the American traveler to Europe with insightful information. Traveling to Europe can be one of life’s most rewarding and memorable experiences. The information on this web site, and some of its links, will hopefully provide the American traveler with a comprehensive overview on how to travel to and throughout Europe.

Find valuable information and know what to expect when traveling, getting around, finding accommodations, dining, booking online, saving money, maximizing your time, packing effectively, accessing services, traveling safe and maximizing your time so you can see more of the things you want see and do more of things to want to do. Having good travel information will help you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls while at the same time enhancing and make your trip easier.

Having a little familiarity about its geography, weather, history, culture and languages will help you to understand the differences between European countries and the United States

We hope your trip to Europe will be as exciting, safe and memorable as all of ours have been.

Why Travel to Europe?

Why travel to Europe you ask, well there are many reasons why more Americans have been traveling to Europe than any other continent for decades and still do today.

Traveling in Europe

Traveling to Europe can be a rewarding and memorable experience. Having some basic understanding, prior to your visit, will help you to avoid commons mistakes, thus enhancing your trip. The information below will provide an oversight that will help you to understand Europe and how it is different from the United States.

Trip Planning

Developing and executing a thorough travel plan will not only guarantee a safe and problem free trip but, one filled with discoveries and memories.

Places To See

Many of the iconic sites are in the famous cities but, around every bend in the road Europe always offers us a look at something special, even if it is not world famous. 

Budapest Bridge
Paris Momartre

Things To Do

No matter what your particular interests are, there is a spectrum of activities that will fulfill just about anyone’s yearning, regardless of age. 

About Europe

What Europe makes it such an incredible place to visit? It’s geography, as well as its people’s histories, traditions, languages, cuisines, culture’s and more.


See, Discover, Taste, Enjoy and Experience the Diverse Cultures and People of Europe.