Why Travel To Europe

Why travel to Europe you ask, well there are many reasons why more Americans have been traveling to Europe than any other continent for decades and still do today. In fact the rest of the world travels to Europe more than any continent. Taking into consideration that a significant segment of American travelers take winter vacations in the warm climates of Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, the European travel data is overwhelming.  

Annual Tourists Arrivals in Europe…

Total International Tourist Arrivals by Region in 2018  

Total U.S. Tourist to Overseas are 44.9 % of Total 2018 US Travelers 

Regionmillionsshare %Regionmillionsshare %
Europe 710.0 50.7%Europe   17.7 42.4 %
Asia & Pacific  347.7 24.8%Caribbean  8.7 20.8%
Americas 215.7 15.4 %Asia  6.2 14.9%
67.1 4.8%Central America   3.2 7.7%
Middle East  60.5 4.3%South America  2.1 5.03%
Middle East  2.4 5.8%
Source: UN World Tourism Organization /Source: U.S. Department of Commerce – International Trade Administration

More Travelers from Asia are now annually visiting Europe than Americans…

Now that you know why, this continent, so rich in culture and history, is awaiting you, why don’t start planning and get packing!