Train Stations

Trains are Europe’s transportation life blood. Trains are as essential to Europe as cars are to America. Trains stations are located in every city and almost in every town. The large major cities have multiple stations throughout the city with their rails spreading out in every direction.  

You may find yourself spending at little time in some stations if you have to change trains, this is not unlike flying into American airports and changing planes to go to your final destination. Many train stations have excellent amenities with food, shops, information & travel centers, etc. Stations in large cities can actually have a shopping mall attached or hotel next door. If your layover is longer you can check your baggage and spend sometime visiting the area. Please read about station baggage facilities at the bottom of this page.

In the large metropolitan cities train stations are a hub for other forms of transportation other than just trains. They may have multiple stops for subways, light rail trams and buses that can take you closer to your final location. 

The guide below will be helpful to navigate some of these stations as many can be quite large with numerous platforms for the arrival and departure of trains. 

Train Stations Maps & Web Sites…


Bregenz-Hauptbahnhof web sitemap
Graz – Hauptbahnhof web site / map
Innsbruck – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Klagenfurt – Hauptbahnhof web site / map
Linz Donau – Hauptbahnhof web site / map
Salzburg – Hauptbahnhof web site / map
Vienna – Wien Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Vienna – Meidling web sitemap
Vienna- Hüttedorf web sitemap
Villach – Hauptbahnhof web site / map  

🇧🇪 Belgium

Antwerp – Centraal web site
Bruges – web site
Brussels – Intl. Airport
Brussels- Centraal web site
Brussels – Midi / Zuid web site /   map
Brussles – Noord web site
Charleroi – Sud web site 
Ghent-Sint Pieters web site
Liége – Guillemin web site 
Mechelen – Malines web site

🇨🇿 Czechia

Brno – hlavní-nádraží
Kunta Hora – hlavní-nádraží
Liberec – Main
Ostrava hlavní-nádraží
Prague – Praha hlavní-nádraží 

🇩🇰 Denmark

Copenhagen – København H Station
Hellerød – Hellerød Station
Helsingør – Helsingør Station
Odense – Odense Station 

🇪🇪 Estonia

Tallinn – Balti jaam
Tartu – Tartu Station

🇫🇮 Finland

Helsinki – Helsinki Central web sitemap
Helsinki – Pasila  map
Savonlinna -Savolinna Central web site
Lentoasema – Helsinki Airport web site / map
Turku – Turku Central web site
Vaasa – Vaasa Station web site 

🇫🇷 France

Aix-en-Provence-Gare web site
Aix-en-provence TVG web site
Angers-Saint Laud web site
Arles web site / map
Avignon-Centre web site  
Avignon-TVG web site
Avignon-Sud web site
Bayonne-Gare web site
Bordeuax-St. John web site / map
Caen – web site / map
Dijon- Gare Dijon web site
Grenoble-Gare web site
Lille – Europe Station web site / map
Lille-Gare Flanders web site
Limoges-Bénédictins web site
Lyon-Part Dieu web site / map
Marseille-St. Charles web site / map
Metz-Metz Ville web site 
Montpellier-Saint-Roch web site
Nancy web site
Nantes web site
Nice- Nice ville web site / map
Narbonne-Gare web site
Paris – Gare d’Austerlitz web site / map
Paris – Bercy Bourgogne web site / map
Paris – Gare de l’Est web site / map
Paris – Gare de Lyon web site / map
Paris – Gare Du Nord web site / map
Paris – Gare Montparnasse web site / map
Paris – Gare Saint-Lazare web site / map
Paris/Roissy-C. De Gaulle Airport web site / map
Reims-Gare web site
Rennes-Gare web site
Rouen-Rive Droite web site
Saint-Étienne-Châteaucreux web site
Strasbourg-Gare web site
Toulouse- Matabiau web site 

🇩🇪 Germany

Aachen – Hauptbahnhof web site
Augsburg – Hauptbahnhof web site
Aschaffenburg- Hauptbahnhof web site /   map
Bamberg – Hauptbahnhof web sitemap
Berlin – Alexanderplatz web sitemap
Berlin-Charlottenburg web site 
Berlin- Friedrichstraße web site
Berlin-Gesundbrunnen web site
Berlin – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Berlin – Ostbahnhof web sitemap
Berlin- Potsdamer Platz web site
Berlin- Spandau web site
Berlin – Südkreuz web site /  map
Berlin-Wansee web site
Berlin – Zoologischer Garten web site /  map
Bonn – Hauptbahnhof web site /  
Bremen-Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Cologne – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Cottbus-Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Dortmund – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Dresden – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Dresden- Neustadt web site /  map
Duisburg-Hauptbahnhof web site / map
Düsseldorf – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Düsseldorf – Airport web site
Essen Hauptbahnhof  web site /  map
Frankfurt am Main – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Frankfurt am Main – Airport web sitemap
Hamburg- Altona web sitemap
Hamburg – Hauptbahnhof  web sitemap
Hamburg-Dammtor  web sitemap
Hannover-Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Heidelberg – Hauptbahnhof web sitemap
Karlsruhe-Hauptbahnhof web site / map
Kassel-Hauptbahnhof web site / map
Koblenz-Hauptbahnhof web site /   map
Leipzig – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Lübeck – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Mainz – Hauptbahnhof web sitemap
Mannheim-Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Munich – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Munich – Ost web sitemap
Nuremburg – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Passau-Hauptbahnhof web site / map
Potsdam – Hauptbahnhof web site 
Regensburg – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Rosenheim-Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Rostock-Hauptbahnhof web site / map
Saarbruecken-Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Schwerin-Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Stuttgart – Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Trier – Hauptbahnhof web sitemap
Wiesbaden-Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Wolfsburg-Hauptbahnhof web site /  map
Würzburg-Hauptbahnhof web site 

🇻🇦 Holy See – Vatican

Vatican City Railway Station

🇭🇺 Hungary

Budapest – Déli web site /  map
Budapest – Keleti web site /  map
Budapest – Kelenfold web sitemap
Budapest- Nyugati web sitemap
Debrecen – Vasútállomás web site 
Eger- Vasútállomás web site
Győr – Vasútállomás web site / map
Miskolc- Tiszai web site
Pécs- Vasútállomás web site
Szeged – Rókus web site 

🇮🇪 Ireland

Cork-Kent web site
Dublin – Dublin Heuston web site
Galway-Ceannt web site
KIlkenny-MacDonagh web site
Killarney web site
Limerick-Colbert web site
Tipperary- web site 
Waterford-Plunkett web site 

🇮🇹 Italy

Bari – Bari Centrale web site
Bologna – Bologna Centrale web site
Florence – Firenze Santa Maria Novella web site / maps
Genoa – Genova Brignole web site
Genoa – Piazza Principe web site
Milan – Milano Centrale web site / maps
Naples – Napoli Centrale web site / maps
Palermo – Palermo Centrale web site
Rome – Roma Ostiense
Rome – Roma Tiburtina web sitemaps
Rome – Roma Tremini web site / maps
Turin – Torino Porta Nuova web site / maps
Venice – Venezia Mestre web site
Venice – Venezia Santa Lucia web site / map
Verona – Porta Nuova web site 

🇲🇨 Monaco

Monte Carlo – Gare du Monaco web site / map  

🇳🇱 Netherlands

Amsterdam – Centraal web sitemap
Amsterdam-Schipol Intl. Airport web sitemap
Amsterdam – Sloterdijk
Arnhem – Centraal web site
Deventer – web site
Enkuizen- web site
The Hague – Hague Centraal web site
The Hague – Hollands Spoor
Haarlem – web site
Leiden – Leiden Centraal web site
Rotterdam – Centraal web site /  map
Utrecht – Centraal web site
Zwolle – web site  

🇳🇴 Norway

Bergen – Bergen Station web site
Drammen – web site
Kristiansand – web site
Oslo – Oslo Sentralstasjon web site / map
Sarpsborg – web site
Stavanger- web site
Trondheim – Sentralstasjon web site  

🇵🇱 Poland

Bydgoszcz – Główna web site / map
Gdansk – Central Główny web site / map
Gdynia – Central Główna web site / map
Katowice – Main web site / map
Kraków – Główny web site / map
Łódz- Kaliska web site 
Poznanż Central web site / map
Szczecin – Central Główny web site / map
Warsaw – Centralna web site / map
Warsaw – Wschodina web site / map
Warsaw – Zachodina web site / map
Wrocław – Central Główny web site / map  

🇵🇹 Portugal

Braga – web site
Coimbra – web site
Faro – web site
Fátima – web site
Lagos – web site
Lisbon – Cais do Sodré web site
Lisbon – Oriente Station web site
Lisbon – Rossio web site
Lisbon – Sete Rios web site
Lisbon – Santa Apolónia web site
Porto – Campanhã web site
Porto – São Bento web site
Sintra – web site  

🇷🇴 Romania

Brașov – Brașov Railway Station
Bucharest – Gare du Nord
Bucharest – Basarab Railway Station
Bucharest – Obor Railway Station
Cluj-Napoca – Cluj-Napoca Railway Station
Constanța -Constanţa Railway Station
Craiova – Craiova Railway Station
Iaşi -Iaşi Railway Station
Satu Mare – Satu Mare Railway Station
Sibiu – Sibiu Railway Station
Sinaia – Sinaia Railway Station
Timișoara – Timișoara Nord Railway Station

🇷🇺 Russia

Moscow Railway Stations web site
– Leningradskiy vokal (Leningradsky)
– Golitsyno-Issha (Belorussian)
– Kazanskaya-Ramenskoye (Kazan)
– Solnechnaya-Kiyevsky (Kiev)
– Lyublino – Novoiyerusalimskaya Orekhovo-Zuevo (Kurskaya) 
– Paveletskiy (Domodedovo)
– Rizhskaya (Riga)
– Savyolovskaya
– Yaroslavskiy vokal (Yaroslavsky)
St. Petersburg Railway Stations  web site
– Baltilsky (Baltic)
– Finlandsky (Finland) 
– Ladozhsky (Ladoga)
– Vitebsky (Vitebsk)
– Mockovsky (Moscow) 

🇪🇸 Spain

A Coruña – Estación web site / map
Alicante – Alacant web site / map
Barcelona – Barcelona Sants web site / map
Barcelona – de França web site / map
Barcelona – Passeig de Gárcia web site / map
Bilbao – Abando Indalecio Prieto web site / map
Burgos – Rosa de Lima web site / map
Cádiz – Estación web site / map
Córdoba – Estación Central / web site 
Granada – Estación web site / map
Léon –  Estación web site / map
Madrid – Puerto Atocha web site / map
Madrid – Chamartín Station web site / map
Málaga – María Zambrano web site / map
Murcia – del Carmen web site / map
Pamplona – Iruña web site / map
Salamanca – Estación web site / map
Santander – Estación web site / map
Santiago de Compostela – Estación web site / map
Seville – Santa Justa web site / map
Toledo – Estación web site / map
Valencia – Estación Nord web site / map
Valladolid – Campo Grande web site / map
Zaragosa – Delicias web site / 

🇸🇪 Sweden

Gothenburg – Göteborg Centralstation web site
Malmö – Malmö Centralstation web site
Stockholm – Stockholm Centralstation web site
Uppsala – Centralstation web site 

🇨🇭 Switzerland

Aarau-Bahnhof web site / map
Basel -Bahnhof web sitemap
Bern – Bahnhof web site /  map
Fribourg-Bahnhof web site / map
Geneva – Cornavin web site / map
Geneva-Intl. Airport web site / map
Lausanne – Gare de Lausanne web site /  map
Locarno – Bahnhof web site / map
Lugano – Stazione de Lugano web site / map
Luzern – Bahnhof  web site / map
Neuchâtel-Bahnhof web site / map
Schaffhausen- Bahnhof web site / map
St. Gallen – Bahnhof web site / map
Thun-Bahnhof web site / map
Zürich – Zürich Hauptbahnhof web sitemap
Zürich-Enge web site / map
Zürich-Oerlikon web site / map
Zürich-Stadelhofen web site / map

🇺🇦 Ukraine

Kharkiv – Kharkiv Railway Station
Kiev – Kiev Passenger Railway Station
Lviv – Lviv Rail Terminal
Odessa – Odessa Railway Station

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England
Birmingham-New Street Station web site / map
Bristol-Temple Meads Station web site / map
Leeds-station web site  map
Liverpool-Lime Street Station web site / map
London-CannonStreet Station web site / map
London- Charing Cross Station web site / map
London-Euston Station web site / map
London-Kings Cross Station web site / map
London-London Bridge Station web site / map
London-Liverpool Street Station web site / map
London-Paddington Station web site / map
London-St. Pancras Station web site / map
London- Victoria Station web site / map
London-Waterloo Station web site  / map
Manchester-Piccadilly Station web site /  map
Reading-Station web site  / map

Northern Ireland
Belfast – Belfast Central

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland
Edinburgh-Waverley Station web site  / map
Glasgow-Central Station web site  / map
Glasgow – Glasgow Queens Street 

Train Station Baggage Facilities…

The storage lockers allow you to keep your baggage for a quick visit in a city

Many of the major train stations in European cities have luggage storage. While traveling from one destination city to another you may find yourself passing through a city you would like to visit for the day. Jump off the train and check your baggage at one of their luggage storage facilities. Pass the time you want to see some of the cities sights and catch a later train to your final destination. Make sure your ticket allows for travel on trains at later times. 

Some are automated and you will pay with a credit card at a kiosk terminal. Others are like a coat check with personnel that will take your baggage and give you a claim check for pick up later.