The current name comes from the Parisii, Gallo-Celto tribes who occupied the area prior to the arrival of the Romans who establish the city of Lutetia around 52 BC. Around 508 CE, after Roman influence left, Clovis of the Franks attain rule that passed on to the descendants, the Carolingians. Clovis and those descendants are considered the first kings of France. Through the decades Paris continued to grow as an economic, cultural, political, religious, educational and military power in this part of Europe. In the late 18th century social upheaval overthrew the monarch and centuries of privilege for the aristocracy and clergy came to an end. The new forms based on the ideas of Enlightenment sent ripples through Europe. From this point on most monarchies in Europe began losing their ultimate influence and grip on power, the last of them surviving until the end of World War I. Paris and the surrounding areas were all scenes of heavy activity in both World Wars I & II.  All of this history makes Paris one of the most remarkable cities in the world. There is so much to see and experience that one will never see it all in a visit. So always make plans to visit again and again.

Regions of Paris…

Center of Paris
  • 1st Arrondissement
  • 2nd Arrondissement
  • 3rd Arrondissement
  • 4th Arrondissement
Left Bank of Paris
  • 5th Arrondissement
  • 6th Arrondissement
  • 7th Arrondissement
Inner Paris
  • 8th Arrondissement
  • 9th Arrondissement
East Paris
  • 10th Arrondissement
  • 11th Arrondissement
  • 12th Arrondissement
South Paris
  • 13th Arrondissement
  • 14th Arrondissement
  • 15th Arrondissement
West Paris
  • 16th Arrondissement
  • 17th Arrondissement
Paris Hills
  • 18th Arrondissement
  • 19th Arrondissement
  • 20th Arrondissement
Points of Interests within Paris…
Listed are some of the most interesting places to visit and see in Paris.
* UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may sort the table below by alpha name, type of site, classification of site, area and arrondissement of Paris
Arènes de LutèceAncient RuinRoman TheaterLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Barrière d’EnferLandmarkBldg:Pavilions - FrenchSouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
BataclanNightlifeClub: Music TheaterEast Paris, FR11th Arrondissement
Bercy VillageShoppingMarketsEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Bois de BoulogneParkHome to the French OpenWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Bois de VincennesParkPark - Lake - Buddhist TempleEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Bourse de commerceLandmarkBldg: Stock ExchangeCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Buttes-ChaumontParkLake, Waterfall & Temple on a CliffParis Hills, FR19th Arrondissement
Canal de l'OurcqLandmarkStructure: CanalParis Hills, FR19th Arrondissement
Cartier Foundation for Contemporary ArtMuseumArtSouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
Centre Georges PompidouMuseumArt - ConceptualCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Champs-ElyséesLandmarkAvenue Inner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Cimetière de Montmartre ParkCemeteryParis Hills, FR18th Arrondissement
Cimetière de Montparnasse ParkCemeterySouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
Cirque d'HiverLandmarkConcert & Fashion HallEast Paris, FR11th Arrondissement
Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoineMuseumArchitectureWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Cité de la MusiqueMuseumMusicParis Hills, FR19th Arrondissement
Cité des EnfantsMuseumChildren's ScienceParis Hills, FR19th Arrondissement
Cité des Sciences et de l'IndustrieMuseumScience & IndustryParis Hills, FR19th Arrondissement
Colonne VendômeLandmarkMonument SquareCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Église de la MadeleineLandmark:ReligiousChurch - ClassicalInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Eglise de Saint SulpiceLandmarkChurchLeft Bank Paris, FR6th Arrondissement
Eglise Saint Nicolas du ChardonnetLandmark:ReligiousChurchLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Eglise Saint-Étienne-du-MonLandmark:ReligiousChurch - RenaissanceLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Église Saint-EustacheLandmark:ReligiousChurch: GothicCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Eglise Saint-Germain-des-PrésLandmarkChurch: Oldest in ParisLeft Bank Paris, FR6th Arrondissement
Église Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-PasLandmark:ReligiousChurchLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Eglise Saint-Julien-le-PauvreLandmark:ReligiousChurchLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Élysée PalaceLandmarkBldg: PalaceInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Fondation Henri-Cartier-BressonMuseumArtSouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
Foundation Henri Cartier-BressonMuseumArtCentral Paris, FR3rd Arrondissement
Galeries LafayetteShoppingDepartment StoreInner Paris, FR9th Arrondissement
Gare d'AusterlitzTrain StationSouth bound LinesSouth Paris, FR13th Arrondissement
Gare de BercyTrain StationSoutheast bound LinesEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Gare de l'EstTrain StationEast bound LinesEast Paris, FR10th Arrondissement
Gare de LyonTrain StationSoutheast bound LinesEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Gare du NordTrain StationNorth bound LinesEast Paris, FR10th Arrondissement
Gare MontparnasseTrain StationSouthwest bound LinesSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Gare St. LazareTrain StationNorthwest bound LinesInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Grande Mosquée de ParisLandmark:ReligiousMosqueLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Hôtel de SullyLandmarkHistoric HouseCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Hôtel de VilleLandmarkCity HallCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Hôtel des InvalidesLandmarkTomb of NapoleanLeft Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
Île aux Cygnes NaturalIslandsSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Île de la CitéNaturalIsland: Center Medieval Paris Central Paris, FR1st & 4th Arr.
Île Saint-LouisNaturalIsland: NeighborhoodCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Jardin atlantiqueParkGardenSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Jardin d'AcclimatationAttractionAmusement ParkWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Jardin des PlantesParkGarden - BotanicalLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Jardin des TuileriesParkGardenCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Jardin du LuxembourgParkGarden - FountainLeft Bank Paris, FR6th Arrondissement
Jardin Yitzhak RabinParkGarden in Parc BercyEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Jardins du TrocadéroParkRiver Promenade: FountainWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Jerome de NoirmontMuseumArtInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Jeu de PaumeMuseumArtCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
l'Arc de TriompheLandmarkMonument: ArchInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
l'Assemblée NationaleMuseumHistoric Left Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
L'OrangerieMuseumArtCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
la Bibliothèque Nationale de FranceMuseumHistoric LibraryCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
La Bibliothèque Nationale de FranceLandmarkFrench Nat. LibrarySouth Paris, FR13th Arrondissement
La Butte aux CaillesNeighborhoodSouth Paris, FR13th Arrondissement
La Cité de la Mode et du DesignLandmarkFashion & Design GallerySouth Paris, FR13th Arrondissement
La ConciergerieLandmarkFortress: MedievalCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
La Gallerie VivienneShoppingLocal BazaarCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
La SamaritaineLandmarkBldg: Historical StoreCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
La Tour EiffelLandmarkStructure:Tower 1889 FairLeft Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
La Tour Jean-sans-PeurLandmarkTower: MedievalCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
Latin QuarterNeighborhoodLively school & student areaLeft Bank Paris, FR6th Arrondissement
Le Bon MarchéShoppingDepartment StoreLeft Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
le Cordon BleuSchoolCulinarySouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Le Grand PalaisMuseumArt Inner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Le Moulin RougeNightlifeBurlesque PalaceParis Hills, FR18th Arrondissement
Le Palais RoyalLandmarkPalace: HistoricCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Les Archives NationalesMuseumFrench ArchivesCentral Paris, FR3rd Arrondissement
Les Catacombes de ParisAncient RuinsBurial siteSouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
Lido de ParisNightlifeCabaret RevueInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Lion of BelfortLandmarkMonument - SculptureSouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
Maison de Victor HugoLandmarkHistoric HouseCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Manufacture des GobelinsMuseumRoyal Dye WorksSouth Paris, FR13th Arrondissement
Mémorial de la ShoahLandmarkHolocaust MemorialCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
MontmartreNeighborhoodArtists community on a hillParis Hills, FR18th Arrondissement
Monument to BalzacLandmarkMonument: SculptureLeft Bank Paris, FR6th Arrondissement
Musée BourdelleMuseumArt:SculptureSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Musée CarnavaletMuseumArtCentral Paris, FR3rd Arrondissement
Musée CernuschiMuseumArtInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Musée Cognacq-JayMuseumArtCentral Paris, FR3rd Arrondissement
Musée CurieMuseumScientificLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Musée d'Art et d'Histoire du JudaïsmeMuseumJewish Art & HistoryCentral Paris, FR3rd Arrondissement
Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de ParisMuseumArt: ModernWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Musee d'OrsayMuseumArtCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Musée d'OrsayMuseumArt - ImpressionismLeft Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
Musée DapperMuseumArt: AfricanWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Musée de l'HommeMuseumAnthropologicalWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Musée de l'Institut du Monde ArabeMuseumHistorical - ArabLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Musée de la SerrureMuseumArtCentral Paris, FR3rd Arrondissement
Musée des Arts décoratifsMuseumArtCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Musée des Arts et MétiersMuseumArts & TradeCentral Paris, FR3rd Arrondissement
Musée des Égouts de ParisMuseumParis Sewers Left Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
Musee du LouvreMuseumHistorical / ArtCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Musée du Petit PalaisMuseumArtInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Musée du quai BranlyMuseumArt - Tribal, ForeignLeft Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
Musée Edith PiafMuseumBiographicalEast Paris, FR11th Arrondissement
Musée en HerbeMuseumChildrenCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Musée en HerbeMuseumChildren'sWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Musée GrévinMuseumWax WorkInner Paris, FR9th Arrondissement
Musée Gustave MoreauMuseumArt - HouseInner Paris, FR9th Arrondissement
Musée Jacquemart-AndréMuseumArtInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Musée MarmottanMuseumArt & FurnishingsWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Musée National Du Moyen ÂgeMuseumHistorical - MedievalLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Musée national Eugène DelacroixMuseumArtLeft Bank Paris, FR6th Arrondissement
Musée Nationale de la MarineMuseumMaritimeWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Musée PasteurMuseumBiographicSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Musée PicassoMuseumPablo PicassoCentral Paris, FR3rd Arrondissement
Musée RodinMuseumArt - SculpturesLeft Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
Musée Yves Saint LaurentMuseumBiographical: FaashionWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
New Jewish QuarterNeighborhoodEast Paris, FR11th Arrondissement
Notre Dame des VictoiresLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 17th centuryCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
Notre-Dame de ParisLandmark:ReligiousCathedral: 12th centuryCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
OlympiaLandmarkBldg: Music HallInner Paris, FR9th Arrondissement
Opéra BastilleLandmarkBldg: Opera HouseEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Opéra GarnierLandmarkBldg: Opera HouseInner Paris, FR9th Arrondissement
Palais de ChaillotLandmarkMuseums, Aquarium & National TheatreWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Palais de la decouverteMuseumScienceInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Palais de la Porte DoréeLandmarkArt Deco HouseEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Palais de TokyoMuseumArt:ContmeporaryWest Paris, FR16th Arrondissement
Palais des GlacesNightlifeTheaterEast Paris, FR10th Arrondissement
Palais du LuxembourgLandmarkHistoric PalaceLeft Bank Paris, FR6th Arrondissement
PanthéonLandmarkHistorical - MausoleumLeft Bank Paris, FR5th Arrondissement
Parc André CitroënParkFormer factory siteSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Parc de BercyParkRiverside ParkEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Parc des ExpositionsLandmarkBldg: Exhibition CentreSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Parc du Champ de MarsParkPark surrounding the Eiffel TowerLeft Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
Parc Georges-BrassensParkFormer meat market siteSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Parc MonceauParkCasual English Inner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Parc MontsourisParkCity ParkSouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
Passage ChoiseulShoppingLocal BazaarCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
Passage des PanoramasShoppingLocal BazaarCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
Passage du Grand-CerfShoppingLocal BazaarCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
Passages des PrincesShoppingLocal BazaarCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
Père-LachaiseParkCemeteryParis Hills, FR20th Arrondissement
Picpus Cemetery ParkCemeteryEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Place de la BastilleLandmarkMonument SquareEast Paris, FR11th Arrondissement
Place de la ConcordeLandmarkObelisk Square FountainsInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Place des VictoiresLandmarkMonument: SquareCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
Place des VosgesLandmarkSquare: HistoricCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Place du TertreLandmarkSquare: Artist VenueParis Hills, FR18th Arrondissement
Place Pigalle NeighborhoodStrip club areaParis Hills, FR18th Arrondissement
Pont Alexandre IIILandmarkStructure: Bridge HistoricalInner Paris, FR8th Arrondissement
Pont de Bir-HakeimLandmarkStructure:BridgeSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Pont MirabeauLandmarkStructure:BridgeSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Pont NeufLandmarkStructure:Bridge Central Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Port-Royal AbbeyLandmarkBldg: Royal ResidenceSouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
Porte Saint DenisLandmarkMonument:ArchEast Paris, FR10th Arrondissement
PrintempsShoppingDepartment StoreInner Paris, FR9th Arrondissement
Promenade Canal St. MartinLandmarkCanalEast Paris, FR10th Arrondissement
Promenade PlantéePark4 mile Elevated WalkwayEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Rue ClerNeighborhoodShops - MarketsLeft Bank Paris, FR7th Arrondissement
Rue des RosiersNeighborhoodJewish QuarterCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Rue Montorgueil pedestrian areaNeighborhoodCafes - BarsCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
Sacré-CœurLandmark: ReligiousBasilica: Romano-ByzantineParis Hills, FR18th Arrondissement
Saint-Germain l'AuxerroisLandmark:ReligiousChurch: GothicCentral Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Sainte-ChapelleLandmark:ReligiousChurch: Rayonnante Gothic Central Paris, FR1st Arrondissement
Seine River Banks*NaturalCity River BanksParis, FR1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th, 13th. 15th, 16th Arr.
Square Béla BartókLandmarkMonument SquareSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
St Christophe de JavelLandmark:religiousChurchSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
The MaraisNeighborhoodHistoric AristocraticCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Théâtre national de l'Opéra-ComiqueNightlifeTheater: ComedyCentral Paris, FR2nd Arrondissement
Tour MontparnasseLandmarkSkyscraper VistaSouth Paris, FR15th Arrondissement
Tour St JacquesLandmarkGothic TowerCentral Paris, FR4th Arrondissement
Universitaire de ParisSchoolUniversitySouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
Zoo de VincennesAttractionZooEast Paris, FR12th Arrondissement
Petite Couronne

( The small crown of areas next to Paris)

  • Hauts-de_seine
  • Seine-Saint-Denis
  • Cal-de-Marne
Grande Couronne

(The large crown of areas farther way from Paris)

  • Seine-et-Marne
  • Yvelines
  • Essone
  • Val-d-Oise
Points of Interests outside of Paris
Listed are some of the most interesting places to visit and see outside the Paris city limits.
* UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may sort the table below by alpha name, type of site, classification of site, area and district outside of Paris
Cimetière de Montparnasse ParkCemeterySouth Paris, FR14th Arrondissement
Grande ArcheLandmarkBldg: High RiseLa DéfenseHauts-de-Seine
CNITShoppingConvention Center - HotelLa DéfenseHauts-de-Seine
Musée de La DéfenseMuseumHistoric La DéfenseHauts-de-Seine
Notre-Dame de PentecôteLandmark:ReligiousChurchLa DéfenseHauts-de-Seine
Disneyland ParisAttractionAmusement Theme ParkMarne-la-ValléeSeine-et-Marne
Basilique de Saint-DenisLandmark:ReligiousBasilica & Royal TombsSaint-DenisSeine-Saint-Denis
Provins *LandmarkFortified CityProvinsSeine-et-Marne
Château de Versailles *LandmarkPalace & GardensVersaillesYvelines
Château de Fontainebleau *LandmarkPalace & ParkFontainebleauSeine-et-Marne
Day Trips from Paris…
  • Amiens Cathedral
  • Ardennes WWI Sites
  • Chamgane
    • Eperny
    • Reims
  • Chartres Cathedral
  • Fountainbleau
  • Loire Valley Châteaus
  • Monet’s Giverny
  • Normandy
    • D-Day Beaches
    • Mont Saint-Michel
  • Rouen
  • Somme WWI Battlefields

Transportation in Paris…