Oslo is the capital of Norway.

Regions of Oslo…
Inner North
Inner East
Points of Interests in Oslo…
Listed are some of the most interesting places to visit and see in Oslo.
* UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may sort the table below by alpha name, type of site, classification of site, area and district of Oslo
Aker Brygge
Akerhus Fortress
Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art
Bygdøy Peninsula
Fram Polar Ship Museum
Frogner Park
Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower
Ibsen Museum
Kon-Tiki Museum
Mathallen Food Hall
Munch Museum
Norsk Open-Air Folk Museum
Norway’s Resistance Museum
Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology
Norwegian National Gallery
Oslo City Hall
Oslo Opera House
Royal Palace
Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park
University Botanical Garden
Vigeland Museum
Vigeland Sculpture Park
Viking Ship Museum
Day Trips from Oslo…
  • Bergen
  • Bygdoy Peninsula
  • Drammen 
  • Drøbak
  • Fredrikstad
  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Kongsberg 
  • Lake Mjøsa
  • Lilihemmer
  • Sognefjord
  • Son
  • Tønsberg
  • Vestfold

Transportation in Oslo…

Includes buses, trams, metro lines and airports. Railways and roadways connect the Oslo to the rest of Norway and locations in neighboring countries.

✈️ Airports

Oslo has two airports with Gardermoen being the main airport and the one with most of the international flights.
OSL Oslo Gardermoen International Airport – This is the largest Oslo airport with the highest number of connections and flights. It has non-stop flights to 7 US cities. Located 37 km north-northeast of the city it serves as a hub for Norwegian Air Shuttle. Transportation into the city is available by train on Flytoget airport express train to Oslo Central Station and Vy trains. Bus service to the city is available through Flybussen.
TRF – Sandefjord Airport Torp – Located 118 km south of Oslo it has flights to Europe & Norwegian cities. Transportation to Oslo is provided by Vy trains or Bus by Torp Ekspressen or Nettbuss.

🚊 Public Transportation

Suburban TrainVY-Line trains (local & regional train route map)
Local Trains
L1 line, Spikkestad ↔︎ Lillestrøm
L2 line, Stabekk ↔︎ Ski*
L2x line, Stabekk ↔︎ Ski*
L3 line, Oslo S ↔︎ Jaren
L12 line, Kongsberg ↔︎ Eidsvoll
L13 line, Drammen ↔︎ Dal
L14 line, Asker ↔︎ Kongsvinger
L21 line, Stabekk ↔︎ Moss
L22 line, Skøyen ↔︎ Rakkestad
Regional Trains
R10 line, Drammen ↔︎ Lillehammer
R11 line, Skien ↔︎ Eidsvoll
R20 line, Oslo S ↔︎ Halden
R30 line, Oslo S ↔︎ Gjøvik
F1 Airport Express line, Oslo S ↔︎ Oslo Airport
F1x Airport Express line, Stabekk ↔︎ Oslo Airport
F2 Airport Express line, Drammen ↔︎ Oslo Airport

Light Rail / TramRuter
Line 11, Majorstuen ↔︎ Kjelsås
Line 12, Majorstuen ↔︎ via Aker brygge ↔︎ Kjelsås
Line 13, Bekkestua ↔︎ Ljabru
Line 17, Rikshospitalet ↔︎ Grefsen st
Line 18, Rikshospitalet ↔︎ Grefsen st
Line 19, Majorstuen ↔︎ Ljabru

Metro / SubwayRuter T-bane Metro (metro route map)
Line 1, Frognerseteren ↔︎ Bergkrystallen
Line 2, Østerås ↔︎ Akershus University Hospital
Line 3, Kolsås ↔︎ Mortensrud
Line 4, Vestli ↔︎ Bergkrystallen
Line 5, Sognsvann ↔︎ Vestli

City BusRuter (day bus route map )(night bus route map)

Ferry / BoatNYC ( ferry service map)

BicycleOslo City Bike
Transit Cards / PassesRuter CardOslo Pass