The Dutch United Provinces declared their independence from Spain in 1579; during the 17th century, they became a leading seafaring and commercial power, with settlements and colonies around the world. After a 20-year French occupation, a Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed in 1815. In 1830, Belgium seceded and formed a separate kingdom. The Netherlands remained neutral in World War I, but suffered German invasion and occupation in World War II. A modern, industrialized nation, the Netherlands is also a large exporter of agricultural products. The country was a founding member of NATO and the EEC (now the EU) and participated in the introduction of the euro in 1999. In October 2010, the former Netherlands Antilles was dissolved and the three smallest islands – Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba – became special municipalities in the Netherlands administrative structure. The larger islands of Sint Maarten and Curacao joined the Netherlands and Aruba as constituent countries forming the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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Here is a list of some of the most interesting and visited places. Cities or areas listed will always have more than just one thing see and do. With the popular cities or areas we list some of the best known, which should go on everyone’s, must see list when they visit.  

  •  Amsterdam
    • Anne Frank Huis
    • Begijnhof
    • Bloemenmarkt
    • The Canals
    • De Wallen-Red Light District
    • Koninklijk Paleis
    • Rijksmuseum
    • Scheepvaartmuseum National Maritime Museum
    • Van Gogh Museum
    • Vondelpark
  • Delft
  • Gouda
  • Groningen
  • The Hague
  • Harlem 
  • Keukenhof Gardens-Lisse
  • Kinderdijk 
  • Leiden
  • Maastricht
  • Rotterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Valkenburg
  • Zaanse Schans- Zaandam
  • Zeeland Dikes

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North Brabant
North Holland
South Holland

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Capital Amsterdam
Largest City Amsterdam
Government Unitary parliamentary democracy underconstitutional monarchy
Currency Euro (€)
Area total: 41,543 km2 ranked 134th water: 7,650 km2 land: 33,893 km2
Population 17,016,967 (July 2016 est.) ranked 67th
Language Dutch (official)
note: Frisian is an official language in Fryslan province; Frisian, Low Saxon, Limburgish, Romani, and Yiddish have protected status under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
Ethnic Groups Dutch 78.6%, EU 5.8%, Turkish 2.4%, Indonesian 2.2%, Moroccan 2.2%, Surinamese 2.1%, Bonairian, Saba Islander, Sint Eustatian 0.8%, other 5.9% (2014 est.)
Religion Roman Catholic 28%, Protestant 19% (includes Dutch Reformed 9%, Protestant Church of The Netherlands, 7%, Calvinist 3%), other 11% (includes about 5% Muslim and fewer numbers of Hindu, Buddhist, Jehovah’s Witness, and Orthodox), none 42% (2009 est.)
Electricity 230V/50Hz (European plug)
Country code +31
Internet TLD .nl
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)
Drives on the Right
Anthem “Wilhelmus” (Dutch) “‘William”
Motto “Je maintiendrai” (French) “Ik zal handhaven” (Dutch) “I will uphold”
Monarch Willem-Alexander
Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Holidays and Observances in Netherlands in 2020
Date   Name Type
Jan 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day National holiday
Feb 14 Friday Valentine’s Day Observance
Mar 20 Friday March Equinox Season
Apr 10 Friday Good Friday National holiday
Apr 12 Sunday Easter Sunday National holiday
Apr 13 Monday Easter Monday National holiday
Apr 27 Monday King’s Birthday National holiday
May 4 Monday Remembrance Day Observance
May 5 Tuesday Liberation Day National holiday
May 21 Thursday Ascension Day National holiday
May 31 Sunday Whit Sunday National holiday
Jun 1 Monday Whit Monday National holiday
Jun 20 Saturday June Solstice Season
Sep 22 Tuesday September Equinox Season
Dec 5 Saturday St Nicholas’ Eve/Sinterklaas Observance
Dec 6 Sunday St Nicholas’ Day Observance
Dec 21 Monday December Solstice Season
Dec 24 Thursday Christmas Eve Observance
Dec 25 Friday Christmas Day National holiday
Dec 26 Saturday Second Day of Christmas National holiday
Dec 31 Thursday New Year’s Eve Observance