Naples is Italy’s third largest city following Rome and Milan

Regions of Naples…
Central Naples
  • Mo
Outer Naples
  • North
Points of Interests in Naples…

Abbey of 3 FountainsLandmarkChurchOuter RomeSouth
Appian WayArcheologicalHistoric Roman RoadOuter RomeSouth
Ara PacisArcheologicalRoman AltarCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
Arch of Constantine *ArcheologicalMonument: ArchCentral RomeColosseo
Basilica di San Lorenzo fuori le MuraLandmark: ReligiousBasilicaCentral RomeNomentano
Basilica of Santa SabinaLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 5th centuryCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
Basilica San SebastianoArcheologicalBasilica & Catacombs: 3rd centuryOuter RomeSouth
Baths of Diocletian / Rome Nat. MuseumAncient Ruins
Roman Baths & Antiquities

Central RomeModern Centre
Caffarella ParkArcheologicalPark of RuinsOuter RomeSouth
Campo di'FioreLandmarkSquare: Market & Memorial StatueCentral RomeOld Rome
Capitoline Hill
  • Piazza del Campidoglio
  • Museo Capitolino
  • Palazzo die Conservatori
  • LandmarkHill
  • Square
  • Museum: Ancient Antiquities
  • Museum: Antiquities
  • Central RomeColosseo
    Capo di BoveArcheologicalThermal BathsOuter RomeSouth
    Capuchin MonasteryLandmark:ReligiousChurch CryptCentral RomeModern Centre
    Casai RotondoArcheologicalMausoleumOuter RomeSouth
    Castel Sant'Angelo *ArcheologicalMausoleumCentral RomeVatican
    Catacombe di PriscillaArcheologicalCatacombsCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Catacombs of San CallistoArcheologicalTombs: 2nd centuryOuter RomeSouth
    Catacombs of San DomitillaArcheologicalTombsOuter RomeSouth
    Catacombs of St AgneseLandmarkAncient burial siteCentral RomeNomentano
    Centrale Montemartini MuseumMuseumIndustryOuter RomeSouth
    Circus MaximusLandmarkStadiumCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Circus of MaxentiusArcheologicalRoman CircusOuter RomeSouth
    Colosseum *ArcheologicalArenaCentral RomeColosseo
    Column of Marcus AureliusArcheologicalObeliskCentral RomeOld Rome
    Crypt BalbiArcheologicalBurial SiteCentral RomeOld Rome
    Domine Quo VadisLandmark:ReligiousChurch:17th centuryOuter RomeSouth
    Fosse ArdeatineLandmarkMemorial: WWII MassacreOuter RomeSouth
    Fountain of the PorterLandmarkFoutnainCentral RomeOld Rome
    Four FountainsLandmarkFountainsCentral RomeModern Centre
    Goeth's HouseLandmarkHouse:HistoricCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Hosteria dell'OrsoLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Jewish CatacombsArcheologicalTombsOuter RomeSouth
    Keats-Shelly HouseLandmarkBldg. Memorial HouseCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Keyhole GateLandmarkBldg.: GateCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Largo di Torre ArgentinaArcheologicalTheater: AncientCentral RomeOld Rome
    MACROMuseumContemporary Art of Rome Central RomeNorth Central Rome
    Mausoleum of AugustusArcheologicalMausoleumCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    MAXXIMuseumContemporaryCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Monte MarioNaturalHighest Hill in RomeOuter RomeNorth
    Montecitorio ObeliskArcheologicalEgyptian ObeliskCentral RomeOld Rome
    Moschea di RomaLandmark:ReligiousMosqueCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Musei delle Paste AlimentariMuseumPastaCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Museo della Civita RomanoMuseumRoman historyOuter RomeSouth
    Museo della LiberazioneMuseumWWII German OccupationCentral RomeEsquilino-San Giovanni
    Museo NapoleonicoMuseumNapoleon Central RomeOld Rome
    Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti MusicaliMuseumMusical InstrumentsCentral RomeEsquilino-San Giovanni
    Museum of the Walls
  • Porta San Sebastiano
  • Museum
    Ancient Ruins
    Tombs & Walls
  • Wall Gate
  • Outer RomeSouth
    Museum of Via OsteinseMuseumRoman AntiquitiesCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Nat. Gallery of Modern ArtMuseumModernCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Ostia AnticaArcheologicalRoman Sea Port CityOuter RomeOstia
    Ostia CastleLandmarkCastle: 15th centuryOuter RomeOstia
    Palatine Hill *ArcheologicalVillas: AncientCentral RomeColosseo
    Palazzo AltempsLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo AltempsMuseumNational MuseumCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo BarberiniMuseumArt:AncientCentral RomeModern Centre
    Palazzo ColonnaLandmarkPalace:BaroqueCentral RomeModern Centre
    Palazzo CrivelliLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo del Collegio RomanoLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo del QuirinaleLandmarkBldg: Palace & GardensCentral RomeModern Centre
    Palazzo della CancelleriaLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo della SapienzaLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo Doria PamphiljMuseumArt; Renaissance, BaroqueCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo FarneseLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo MadamaLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo MassimoArcheologicalStatuesCentral RomeModern Centre
    Palazzo Massimo alle ColonneLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo SpadaLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Palazzo TavernaLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Parco degil AcquedottiAncient Ruins & ParkAqueductOuter RomeSouth
    Parco SavelloNaturalHill ParlCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Parco SavelloNaturalCity Park & Janiculum HillCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Piazza Bocca della Verità
  • Temple of Portunus
  • Neptune Fountain
  • Arch of Argentari
  • Hercules Invictus
  • ArcheologicalSquare
  • Temple
  • Fountain
  • arch
  • Temple
  • Central RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Piazza ColonnaLandmarkSquare: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Piazza del Popolo
  • Santa Maria del Popolo
  • Popolo Obelisk
  • Landmark
  • Religious
  • Square
  • Church:Paintings
  • Obeliski
  • Central RomeNorth Central Rome
    Piazza della MinervaLandmarkSquare: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Piazza di Monte CitorioLandmarkSquare: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Piazza di PasquinoLandmarkSquare: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Piazza di Spagna
  • Santissima Trinità dei Monti
  • Fontana della Barcaccia
  • The Spanish Steps
  • LandmarkSquare
  • Church
  • Fountain
  • Famous Steps
  • Central RomeNorth Central Rome
    Piazza Navona
  • Fountain of the Moor
  • Fountain of Neptune
  • Fountain of Four Rivers
  • Sant'Agnese in Agone
  • LandmarkSquare:
  • Fountain
  • Fountain
  • Fountain
  • Church
  • Central RomeOld Rome
    Piazza VeneziaLandmarkPiazzaCentral RomeColosseo
    Plazza Berberini - Triton FountainLandmarkSquare: FountainCentral RomeModern Centre
    Ponte MilvioLandmarkStructure: Bridge PedestrianCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Ponte Sant'AngleoLandmarkBridgeCentral RomeVatican
    Porta MaggioreLandmarkGate of Aurelian WallsCentral RomeNomentano
    Porto San PaoloArcheologicalAurelian Wall GateCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Portonaccio SantuaryNatural
    Ancient Ruins
    Parco di Velo
    Temple of Apollo
    Outer RomeNorth
    Pyramind of Gaius CestiusArcheologicalStructure:PyramidCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Quartiere CoppedéNeighborhoodArt NouveauCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Railway & Tramcar MuseumMuseumTransportationCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Roman Forum *
  • Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina
  • Basilica Aemilia
  • Arch of Septimius Severus
  • Lapis Niger
  • Temple of Saturn
  • Temple of Divine Julius Caesar
  • Temple of Castor and Pollux
  • Arch of Titus
  • Tabularium
  • ArcheologicalThe Heart of Ancient RomeCentral RomeClosseo
    Rome PlanetariumMuseumAstronomicalOuter RomeSouth
    San Carlo alle Quattro FontaneLandmark:ReligiousChurch:RenaissanceCentral RomeModern Centre
    San CrisogonoLandmarkSquareCentral RomeTrastevere
    San Giovanni in LateranoLandmark: ReligiousBasilicaCentral RomeEqsiulino-San Giovanni
    San Giovanni in LateranoLandmark:ReligiousCathedral: 4th centuryCentral RomeEsquilino-San Giovanni
    San Luigi die FrancesiLandmark:ReligiousChurch: Central RomeOld Rome
    Sant Agnese fuori le muraLandmark:ReligiousChurchCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Sant' Agnese fuori le MuraLandmark: ReligiousChurch: 7th centuryCentral RomeNomentano
    Sant'lvo alla SaplenzaLandmark:ReligiousChurch:RenaissanceCentral RomeOld Rome
    Santa ConstanzaLandmark:ReligiousChurchCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Santa CostanzaLandmark: ReligiousChurch: 3rd centuryCentral RomeNomentano
    Santa Croce in GerusalemmeLandmark:ReligiousChurchCentral RomeEsquilino-San Giovanni
    Santa Maria Degli AngeliLandmark: ReligiousChurchCentral RomeModern Centre
    Santa Maria dell'AnimaLandmark:ReligiousChurch: Pope Hadrian IV TombCentral RomeOld Rome
    Santa Maria della paceLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 16th centuryCentral RomeOld Rome
    Santa Maria della VittoriaLandmark:ReligiousChurch: BaroqueCentral RomeModern Centre
    Santa Maria in CosmedinLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 6th centuryCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    Santa Maria MaggioreLandmark:ReligiousBasilica: 9th centuryCentral RomeEsquilino-San Giovanni
    Santa Maria Minerva ObeliskArcheologicalObeliskCentral RomeOld Rome
    Santa Maria sopra MinervaLandmark:ReligiousChurch:GothicCentral RomeOld Rome
    Santa PasseraLandmark: ReligiousChurchOuter RomeSouth
    Santa PrassedeLandmark:ReligiousChurch: ByzantineCentral RomeEsquilino-San Giovanni
    Santa PudenzianaLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 4th centuryCentral RomeEsquilino-San Giovanni
    Scala Sancta (Holy Stairs)LandmarkHistoric Stair CaseCentral RomeEsquilino-San Giovanni
    Servian WallArcheologicalStructure:Wall 3rd centuryCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio / Modern Centre
    Square ColosseumLandmarkBldg: EUR areaOuter RomeSouth
    St Paul Outside the WallsLandmark: ReligiousBasilicaOuter RomeSouth
    St. Paul's within the WallsLandmark:ReligiousChurch: Pre-RaphaetiteCentral RomeModern Centre
    Stadio OlimpicoStadium1960 OlympicsOuter RomeNorth
    Terme di CarcallaArcheologicalRoman BathsCentral RomeAventino-Testaccio
    The GhettoNeighborhoodJewish: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    The Pantheon *LandmarkTemple: AncientCentral RomeOld Rome
    Theatre of Marcellus *ArcheologicalTheatre:RomanCentral RomeColosseo
    Tomb of Cecilia MetellaArcheologicalTombsOuter RomeSouth
    Tomb of PriscillaArcheologicalTomb: 1st centuryOuter RomeSouth
    Trajan's Markets *ArcheologicalRoman MarketCentral RomeColosseo
    Trevi FountainLandmarkFountainCentral RomeModern Centre
    Turtle FountainLandmarkFountainCentral RomeOld Rome
    Vatican City *
  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Vatican Museum
  • St. Peter's Piazza
  • Sovereign Nation
    Landmark: Religious

    Holy See
  • Basilica & Crypt
  • Chapel
  • Art & Antiquities
  • Piazza & Obelisk
  • Central RomeVatican
    Via de Coronari LandmarkStreet: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Via della Gatta LandmarkStreet: HistoricCentral RomeOld Rome
    Via Veneto
  • Palazzo Margherita
  • NeighborhoodStreet
  • Square
  • Central RomeModern Centre
    Villa AdaNaturalCity ParkCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Villa Borghese
  • Borghese Gardens
  • Villa Borghese
  • Bioparco
  • Memorials
  • NaturalCity Park
  • Gardens
  • Museum:Art
  • Zoo
  • Goeth, Byron & Hugo Statues
  • Central RomeNorth Central Rome
    Villa dei QuintiliiArcheologicalVillaOuter RomeSouth
    Villa Doria PamphiliNaturalCity recreation areaOuter RomeNorth
    Villa Giulia Nat. GalleryMuseumArtCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Villa MediciLandmarkBldg: Patrician House & GardensCentral RomeNorth Central Rome
    Villa Torlonia
  • Casino Nobile Museum
  • Casina delle Civette
  • Landmark / MuseumVila:House, Gardens, Museum
    Central RomeNomentano
    Vittorio Emanuele MonumentLandmarkBldg. MonumentCentral RomeColosseo
    Areas Surrounding Naples…
    • Isle of Capri
    • Pompeii
    • Mt. Vesuvios
    • Ischia
    Days Trips from Naples…
    • Amalfi Coast
    • Sorrento
    • Salerno
    • Positano

    Transportation in Naples…