Like Paris, London was established by the Romans, around 43 AD as Londinium. The end of Roman rule in 410 AD saw the invasion of Anglo-Saxons. They ruled most of England until the Norman invasion of 1066. Viking raids starting in the 8th century led to control of London for a time under the Danish king Canute. After the Norman conquest, London emerged as a major trading center. With the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, Britain became the supreme maritime power in the world. This power led to the colonizing of countries in every continent, with it’s pinnacle during the Victorian age in the 19th century. With London being the seat of English and British power it rode the wave to wealth and influence around the world. All of this history is to be seen and experienced at many sights throughout London. London should be right at the top of anyone’s bucket list to visit.

Regions of Greater London...
Central London
  • Bloomsbury
  • City of London
  • Covent Garden
  • Holburn-Clerkenwell
  • Leicester Square
  • Marfair-Marylebone
  • Notting Hill- North Kensington
  • Paddington-Maida Vale
  • Soho
  • South Bank
  • South Kensington-Chelsea
  • Westminster
Inner London
  • Camden
  • East End
  • Greenwich
  • Hackney
  • Hammersmith-Fulham
  • Hampstead
  • Islington
  • Lambeth
  • Southwark-Lewisham
  • Wandsworth
Outer London
  • Richmond-Kew
  • Wimbledon
  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West

Points of Interests within London…

Listed are some of the most interesting places to visit and see within the London city limits.
* UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may sort the table below by alpha name, type of site, classification of site, area and district of London
Abbey Road StudiosLandmarkRecording Studios & CrosswalkCentral LondonPaddington-Maida Vale
All Hallows by the TowerLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 7th centuryCentral LondonCity of London
Archbishop's ParkParkPark & playgroundCentral LondonSouth Bank
Arsenal MuseumMuseumSports: FootballInner LondonIslington
Bank of EnglandLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral LondonCity of London
Bank of England MuseumMuseumHistorical Banking FinanceCentral LondonCity of London
Banqueting HouseLandmarkPalace, MuseumCentral LondonWestminster
Bansky TunnelLandmarkGraffiti displayInner LondonLambeth
Barbican ConservatoryLandmarkBotanical GardenCentral LondonCity of London
Barts Pathology MuseumMedicalCentral LondonCity of London
Battersea ParkParkRiverside ParkInner LondonWandsworth
Battersea Power StationLandmarkBldg: HistoricInner LondonWandsworth
BBC Broadcasting HouseLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral LondonBloomsbury
Bedford SquareNeighborhoodGeorgian residenceCentral LondonBloomsbury
Ben Franklin HouseLandmarkHistorical HouseCentral LondonCovent Garden
Berwick StreetShoppingMarketsCentral LondonSoho
Billionaries' RowNeighborhoodBldgs: EmbassiesCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
Bishop's ParkParkCity ParkInner LondonHammersmith-Fulham
Bloomsbury SquareNeighborhoodOldest London squareCentral LondonBloomsbury
Bloosmbury TheatreEntertainmentStag performances & playsCentral LondonBloomsbury
Bond Street ShoppingDesigner StoresCentral LondonMayfair-Marylebone
Borough MarketShoppingFood MarketsCentral LondonSouth Bank
Brick Lane GalleryMuseumArt: Contemporary, StreetInner LondonEast End
British LibraryMuseumHistoricalInner LondonCamden
British LibraryMuseumHistorical ArchivesInner LondonCamden
British MuseumMuseumHistoricalCentral LondonBloomsbury
British Telecom TowerLandmarkStructure: TowerCentral LondonBloomsbury
Brixton MarketsShoppingFood, clothes, etc.Inner LondonLambeth
Brockwell ParkParkHilly Green parkInner LondonLambeth
Brompton CemeteryLandmarkCemetery:HistoricCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
Brompton OratoryLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 19th centuryCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
Bruce Castle & MuseumLandmark / MuseumCastle
Brunel MuseumMuseumEngineeringInner LondonSouthward-Lewisham
Buckingham PalaceLandmarkRoyal PalaceCentral LondonWestminster
Bunhill FieldsParkGraveyardCentral LondonCity of London
Burgh House & Hampstead MuseumMuseumLocal HistoryInner LondonHampstead
Cabinet War Rooms & Churchill MuseumMuseum / LandmarkMuseum: WarCentral LondonWestminster
Camden Arts CenterMuseumContemporaryInner LondonHampstead
Camden Town Markkets
  • The Lock Market
  • The Stables Market
  • Camden Lock Village
  • Inverness St. Market
  • The Buck St. Market
  • ShoppingMarket PlacesInner LondonCamden
    Camera MuseumMuseumPhotographyCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Canal MuseumMuseumHistoricInner LondonCamden
    Canary WharfNeighborhoodDocklandsInner LondonEast End
    Carlyle's HouseLandmarkBldg. Historic HouseCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Carnaby StreetShoppingBoutiques-CafesCentral LondonSoho
    Cartoon MuseumMuseumCartoons, comicsCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Charles Dickens MuseumMuseumHouseCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Charring CrossShoppingCentral LondonCovent Garden
    Chelsea Old ChurchLandmark: ReligiousChurch: 12th centuryCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Chelsea Physic GardenLandmark17th century GreenhouseCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    ChinatownNeighborhoodRestaurantsCentral LondonLeicester Square
    Christ ChurchLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 18th centuryCentral LondonCity of London
    Christ ChurchLandmark:ReligiousChurch:18th century Inner LondonEast End
    Church of the Holy SepulchreLandmark:ReligiousChurch: SaxonCentral LondonCity of London
    City of London PoliceMuseumLaw EnforcementCentral LondonCity of London
    City Road Basin PlazaLandmarkCanal way & ParkInner LondonIslington
    Clapham CommonParkCity ParkInner LondonWandsworth
    Cleopatra's NeedleLandmarkEygptian ObeliskCentral LondonCovent Garden
    Covent Garden Piazza & MarketLandmarkShopping squareCentral LondonCovent Garden
    Crafts CouncilMuseumContemporary CraftsInner LondonIslington
    Crystal Palace ParkParkCity Park Inner LondonSouthward-Lewisham
    Dennis Sever's HouseLandmarkBldg: HistoricInner LondonEast End
    Design MuseumMuseumDesignCentral LondonNotting Hill-Kensington
    Dominion TheatreEntertainmentMusicalsCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Downing StreetLandmarkPrime Minster OfficeCentral LondonWestminster
    Dr. Johnson's HouseMuseumHistorical HouseCentral LondonCity of London
    Dulwich Picture GalleryMuseumArtInner LondonSouthward-Lewisham
    Elizabeth Olympic ParkLandmark2012 Olympic SiteOuter LondonEast
    Fashion & Textile MuseumMuseumTextileCentral LondonSouth Bank
    Fashion & Textiles MuseumMuseumFashioInner LondonSouthward-Lewisham
    Fenton HouseLandmarkBldg: HistoricInner LondonHampstead
    Fitzroy HouseLandmarkHouse. GB ShawCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Foundling MuseumMuseumHistorical Children's HomeCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Freud MuseumMuseumBiographicalInner LondonHampstead
    Fulham PalaceLandmarkBldg: HistoricalInner LondonHammersmith-Fulham
    Garden MuseumMuseumBotanicalCentral LondonSouth Bank
    Gillespie park Ecology CentreParkLearning CenterInner LondonIslington
    Grays InnLandmarkBldgs: Historical courtCentral LondonHolburn-Clerkenwell
    Green ParkParkCity ParkCentral LondonWestminster
    Guards MuseumMuseumMilitaryCentral LondonWestminster
    Guildhall Art Gallery & Roman AmphitheatreMuseumArt & Roman RuinsCentral LondonCity of London
    Hampstead Heath
  • Parliament Hill
  • Bathing Ponds
  • Hill Garden & Pergola
  • Kenwood House
  • ParkCity Park: forested & scenicInner LondonHampstead
    Hampstead Parish ChurchLandmark:ReligiousChurch & GraveyardInner LondonHampstead
    Hampton Court LandmarkPalace: Royal HistoricOuter LondonRichmond-Kew
    Handel HouseMuseumBiographicalCentral LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    HarrodsShoppingDepartment StoreCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Henry VII Lady ChapelLandmark:ReligiousChurch:MedievalCentral LondonWestminster
    High StreetShoppingUpscale shops & eateriesCentral LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    Highgate CemeteryParkCemeteryInner LondonHampstead
    Highgate WoodParkCity park; WoodedInner LondonIslington
    HMS BelfastLandmarkBattleshipCentral LondonSouth Bank
    Holland ParkParkWoodland, GardensCentral LondonNotting Hill-Kensington
    Holy Trinity ChurchLandmark: ReligiousChurch: OrnateCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Household Cavalry MuseumMuseumHistoric Horse GuardsCentral LondonWestminster
    Hunterian MuseumMuseumMedicalCentral LondonHolburn-Clerkenwell
    Hurlingham ParkParkCity ParkInner LondonHammersmith-Fulham
    Hyde Park
  • Diana Fountain
  • The Serpentine
  • Speakers Corner
  • ParkCity park
  • Memorial Fountain
  • Lake
  • Public Debate area
  • Central LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Imperial War MuseumMuseumMilitaryInner LondonLambeth
    Islington MuseumMuseumLocal HistoryCentral LondonHolburn-Clerkenwell
    Jermyn StreetShoppingClothing StoresCentral LondonWestminster
    Jewish MuseumMuseumJewish HistoryInner LondonCamden
    Keats HouseLandmarkHistoric HouseInner LondonHampstead
    Kennington ParkParkGardensInner LondonLambeth
    Kensal Green CemeteryParkCemetery:Georgian-VictorianInner LondonHammersmith-Fulham
    Kensington Gardens
  • Kensington Palace
  • Albert Memorial
  • The Serpentine Gallery
  • ParkCity Gardens
  • Royal Palace
  • Monument
  • Museum: Art
  • Central LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Kensington PalaceLandmarkPalaceCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Kensington Roof GardensLandmarkThemed GardensCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    King RoadShoppingStreet: Fashion StoresCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Lambeth PalaceLandmarkBldg: HistoricalInner LondonLambeth
    Lambeth PalaceLandmarkHistorical: Bishop's residenceCentral LondonSouth Bank
    Lawn Tennis MuseumMuseumTennisOuter LondonWimledon
    Leicester Square GardenParkGardenCentral LondonLeicester Square
    Leighton HouseLandmarkHouse:VictorianCentral LondonNotting Hill-Kensington
    Lincoln's Inn
  • Sir John Soane's Museum
  • LandmarkPark, Bldgs: Historical
    Museum: Architecture
    Central LondonHolburn-Clerkenwell
    Little VeniceLandmarkCanal WalkwayCentral LondonPaddington-Maida Vale
    London BridgeLandmarkStructure:BridgeInner LondonSouthwark & Lewisham
    London Bridge ExperienceAttractionScare AttractionCentral LondonSouth Bank
    London EyeAmusementFerris WheelCentral LondonSouth Bank
    London Fire Brigade MuseumMuseumVictorian Fire StationCentral LondonSouth Bank
    London MithraeumAncient RuinsRoman TempleCentral LondonCity of London
    London Transport MuseumMuseumTransportationCentral LondonCovent Garden
    Madame TussaudsMuseumWax WorksCentral LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    Maharajah Duleep SinghLandmarkHouse: HistoricCentral LondonNotting Hill-Kensington
    Mansion HouseLandmarkBldg. House of the Lord MayorCentral LondonCity of London
    Marble ArchLandmarkStructure: ArchCentral LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    Maritime Greenwich *
  • Cutty Sark
  • Old Royal Observatory
  • Prime Meridian
  • Queen's House
  • Maritime Museum
  • Royal Naval College

  • LandmarkHistorical Area
  • Clipper Ship
  • Astronomical Site
  • Base line for Longitude/Latitude& Time
  • Old Royal Palace
  • Maritime
  • Bldg: Historic
  • Inner LondonGreenwich
    MonumentLandmarkStructure: TowerCentral LondonCity of London
    Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising MuseumConsumer Goods HistoryCentral LondonNotting Hill-Kensington
    Museum of Garden HistoryMuseumBotanicalInner LondonLambeth
    Museum of LondonMuseumHistoryCentral LondonCity of London
    Museum of the London DocklandsMuseumHistoryInner LondonEast End
    Myddelton SquareParkCity SquareCentral LondonHolburn-Clerkenwell
    Old BaileyLandmarkBldg: Historic CourtCentral LondonCity of London
    Order of St. John MuseumKnights HospitallerCentral LondonCity of London
    Oxford Street
  • Selfridges
  • John Lewis
  • Liberty
  • Shopping
  • Department Store
  • Department Store
  • Department Store
  • Central LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    Palace of Westminster *
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Elizabeth II Tower
  • Big Ben
  • LandmarkPalace
  • House of Lords & Commons
  • Tower with famous clock
  • Central LondonWestminster
    Parasol UnitMuseumContemporary GalleryInner LondonIslington
    Petrie Museum of Egyptian ArchaeologyMuseumEgyptian antiquitiesCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Photographer's GalleryMuseumPhotographyCentral LondonSoho
    Pollock's Toy MuseumMuseumToysCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Portobello RoadShoppingAntiques, clothing, produceCentral LondonNotting Hill-Kensington
    Postman's ParkParkMemorialCentral LondonCity of London
    Primrose HillParkScenic ViewInner LondonHampstead
    Queen's ClubLandmarkBldg: HistoricInner LondonHammersmith-Fulham
    RAF MuseumMuseumMilitary: AviationOuter LondonNorth
    Ravenscourt ParkParkCity ParkInner LondonHammersmith-Fulham
    Regent's CanalCanalWalkwayInner LondonCamden
    Regents Park
  • ZSL London Zoo
  • London Central Mosque
  • Park
  • Zoo
  • Landmark:Religious
  • City Park
  • Zoological Gardens
  • Mosque
  • Central LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    Royal Academy of ArtsMuseumArtCentral LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    Royal Albert HallLandmarkAuditoriumCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Royal Botanic Gardens Kew *ParkGardensOuter LondonRichmond-Kew
    Royal Courts of JusticeLandmarkBldg: HistoricalCentral LondonHolburn-Clerkenwell
    Royal HospitalLandmarkBldg: HistoricCentral LondonSouth Kensington-Chelsea
    Russell SquareNeighborhoodLargest London squareCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Sea Life LondonAttractionAquariumCentral LondonSouth Bank
    Seven DialsLandmarkShopping IntersectionCentral LondonCovent Garden
    Shakespeare's GlobeEntertainmentTheatreCentral LondonSouth Bank
    Sherlock Holmes MuseumMuseumBiographicalCentral LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    SIS/ MI6 BuildingLandmarkBldg: GovernmentInner LondonLambeth
    Soho SquareParkCity SquareCentral LondonSoho
    Somerset HouseMuseumArtCentral LondonHolburn-Clerkenwell
    South Bank LionMonumentStatueCentral LondonSouth Bank
    Southbank Centre
  • Queen Elizabeth Hall
  • Undercroft
  • National Theatre
  • Landmark
  • Music Hall
  • Walkway
  • Audiroriums
  • Central LondonSouth Bank
    Southwark CathedralLandmark:ReligiousCathedralCentral LondonSouth Bank
    St. Bartholomew-the-GreatLandmark:ReligiousChurch: NormanCentral LondonCity of London
    St. Botolph's AldersgateLandmark:ReligiousChurch: MedievalCentral LondonCity of London
    St. George's GardenParkMonument, GardensCentral LondonBloomsbury
    St. Giles-without-CripplegateLandmark:ReligiousChurch: MedievalCentral LondonCity of London
    St. James PalaceLandmarkRoyal PalaceCentral LondonWestminster
    St. James ParkParkCity ParkCentral LondonWestminster
    St. Magnus the MartyrLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 11th centuryCentral LondonCity of London
    St. Margaret PattensLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 11th centuryCentral LondonCity of London
    St. Mary le BowLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 9th centuryCentral LondonCity of London
    St. Mary's ChurchLandmark: ReligiousChurch: 9th century siteInner LondonWandsworth
    St. Mary-at-Hill
    Landmark:ReligiousChurch: 17th centuryCentral LondonCity of London
    St. Pancras Old Church & CemeteryLandmark:ReligiousChurch & Graveyard: 19th centuryInner LondonCamden
    St. Pauls CathedralLandmark:ReligiousCathedralCentral LondonCity of London
    St. Sepulchre-without-NewgateLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 12th centuryCentral LondonCity of London
    St. Stephen WalbrookLandmark:ReligiousChurch: 17th centuryCentral LondonCity of London
    Stafford TerraceLandmarkMuseum: Victorian HouseCentral LondonNotting Hill-Kensington
    Tate BritainMuseumArtCentral LondonWestminster
    Tate ModernMuseumModernCentral LondonSouth Bank
    TempleLandmark:ReligiousChurch: Romanesque/Knights TemplerCentral LondonHolburn-Clerkenwell
    The Cuming MuseumMuseumHistoryInner LondonSouthward-Lewisham
    The Horniman MuseumMuseumAfrican & Asia AnthropologyInner LondonSouthward-Lewisham
    The National ArchivesMuseumHistoricalOuter LondonRichmond-Kew
    The ShardLandmarkBldg: SkyscraperCentral LondonSouth Bank
    The Sky GardenLandmarkBldg: skyscraper vistaCentral LondonCity of London
    Theatre DistrictEntertainmentPlays, Musicals, CinemaCentral LondonLeicester Square / Covent Garden
    Topolski CenturyLandmarkPaintingCentral LondonSouth Bank
    Tower BridgeLandmarkStructure: BridgeCentral LondonCity of London
    Tower of London *LandmarkFortress: MedievalCentral LondonCity of London
    Trafalgar Square
  • National Gallery
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Nelson's Column
  • St. Martins in the Fields
  • Edith Cavell Memorial
  • Landmark
  • Museum
  • Museum
  • Monument
  • Religious
  • Memorial
  • Square
  • Art
  • Art
  • Column
  • Church
  • Statue
  • Central LondonLeicester Square
    Two Temple PlaceLandmarkBldg: Historical HouseCentral LondonHolburn-Clerkenwell
    University College LondonSchoolUniversityCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Victoria & Albert Museum of ChildhoodMuseumChildhood ArtifactsInner LondonEast End
    Victoria ParkParkCity Park Inner LondonEast End
    Wallace CollectionMuseumArtCentral LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    Wandsworth MuseumMuseumLocal HistoryInner LondonWandsworth
    Wellcome CollectionMuseumMedical: artificatsCentral LondonBloomsbury
    Wellington ArchLandmarkStructure:archCentral LondonMayfair-Marylebone
    Wembley StadiumLandmarkSports Outer LondonNorth
    Wesley's ChapelLandmark:ReligiousChurch - MissionCentral LondonCity of London
    Westminster Abbey *Landmark:ReligiousChurch-MasoleumCentral LondonWestminster
    Westminster CathedralLandmarkCathedralCentral LondonWestminster
    Whitechapel Art GalleryMuseumArt: ModernInner LondonEast End
    Wilton Music HallLandmarkBldg: Historic Concert HallInner LondonEast End
    Winchester PalaceLandmarkPalaceCentral LondonSouth Bank
    Wormwood ScrubsParkCity ParkInner LondonHammersmith-Fulham
    English Counties Surrounding London
    • Berkshire
    • Buckinghamshire
    • East Sussex
    • Essex
    • Hertfordshire
    • Kent
    • Surrey
    • West Sussex

    Points of Interests outside of London…

    Listed are some of the most interesting places to visit and see outside of London.
    * UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may sort the table below by alpha name, type of site, classification of site, area and district outside of London
    Windsor CastleLandmarkCastle: Royal HistoricWIndsorBerkshire
    Winchester CathedralLandmark: ReligiousCathedralWinchesterHampshire
    Canterbury Cathedral *Landmark: ReligiousCathedralCanterburyKent
    Brighton TownBeach & PierBrightonEast Sussex
    South-on-SeaTownSeaside, Beach & PierEssex
    HastingsLandmarkCastle & Seaside townHastingsEast Sussex
    EastbourneTownSea-Side resortEastbourneEast Sussex
    BattleLandmarkBattlefield: HastingsBattleEast Sussex
    DoverNatural LandmarkWhite Cliffs, CastleDoverKent
    Day Trips from London…
    • Bath
    • Blenheim Palace
    • Brighton / Canterbury
    • The Cotswolds
    • Downton Abbey
    • Oxford
    • Salisbury
    • Stratford-upon-Avon
    • Stonehenge & Avebury
    • Warwick Castle
    • White Cliffs of Dover & Hastings
    • Windsor Castle
    London Tourism Links...
    Transportation in London...

    Many options are available flying into London as many airlines offer flights from international and domestic locations. Express transportation is accessible from airports to the center of London.

    LHR London Heathrow – 14 miles west of central London, this is Europe’s largest and busiest airport with the most international arrivals. Currently there are non-stop flights to 30 US cities. This is British Airways main hub with connections to many other European cities.. The Heathrow Express runs non-stop to Paddington Station every 15 min. Also TfL Rail and the underground Piccadilly line to the city center. Buses provide service into the city and bus #9 operates from midnight to 5:00 to Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square.

    LGW London Gatwick – London’ 2nd largest airport is 29 miles south of central London. There are non-stop flights to 12 US cities. The Gatwick Express run non-stop service to Waterloo station every 15 min. Trains are available to Victoria Station or London Bridge Station. Thameslink rail has service to St. Pancras Station. Bus service to the city on easyBus & National Express.

    LCY London City Airport – Small airport located 7 miles east of central London is only used by small aircraft for predominantly short haul flights. Serviced by the DLR line. Hub for BA City Flyer. Transportation is on DLR light rail to Bank Station and other underground lines in City of London.

    LTN London Luton Located 35 miles north of London. Predominately used by low-cost and charter carriers with most flights to European or Middle-Eastern locations. Train from Luton Airport Parkway a mile from the terminal is linked by shuttle bus. Train goes to St. Pancras, Blackfriars & London Bridge stations in London. National Express bus goes to Victoria Station.

    STN Stansted Airport – London 3rd airport is located 3o miles northeast of the city. Dominated by low-cost carriers, especially Ryanair. Most flights are to the UK and Europe. The Stansted Express train goes to Liverpool Street Station.

    SEN London Southend Airport – Service to Europe destinations provided by Aer Lingus and Easyjet. Southend Jetlink Bus goes to Victoria Station & Embankment Station.

    Renting a bike is a good option or driving or even public transit. It is an excellent way to see the London sights. You may use the bus lanes which is restricted to buses, taxis and bicycles. Bike rentals are available through the sharing system Santander. You can rent online and find pick up and drop off locations as well.

    London has river buses and pleasure cruises on the Thames River. They can start west on the Thames at Hampton Court and go as far east as Woolwich Arsenal. There are several pier stops along the Thames. Boats run regularly as they as also are used for commuting.

    London city buses are know the world over for their double decks and red color. However, they are probably the best buses anywhere for ease and reliabililty. You’ll see more of the city than using the tube and with over 700 route possibilities, they are very convenient.

    For Intercity travel into or out of London these companies provide long haul services.

    • National Express (domestic) Depot: Victoria Coach & Green Line Station
    • Megabus ( domestic) Depot: Victoria Coach Station & Green Line Station
    • Eurolines (international) Depot: Victoria Coach Station & Green Line Station
    • Isilines (international) Depot: Victoria Coach Station & Green Line Station
    • OUIBUS (international) Depot: Victoria Coach Station & Green Line Station
    • Flixbus (international) Depot: Victoria Coach Station & Green Line Station
    • Sinbad (international) Depot: Victoria Coach Station
    • Regiojet (international) Bus Stop: Green Line Coach Station

    In general, driving a car in London is not the best option. Traffic can be congested and parking near destinations will be difficult. Some hotels may not offer parking facilities.

    London is the home of the famous black cab. Black Cabs function as regular taxis making pick ups off the street. There are also minicabs which are for private hire.

    Uber operates as well in London.

    The use of London transit is a good way to move around the city. The “London Underground” (the tube) is a subway system and has the 11 lines, operated by “TfL” (Transport for London). The Piccadilly line runs from Heathrow airport to the city center.

    • The LONDON UNDERGROUND (The Tube) Lines with terminis:
      • Bakerloo – Harrow & Wealdstone to Elephant & Castle
      • Central – Ealing Broadway / West Ruslip to Epping
      • Circle- Hammersmith to Edgware Road
      • District- Ealing Broadway / Richmond / Edgware Road to Wimbledon / Kensington / Upminster
      • Hammersmith & City – Hammersmith to Barking
      • Jubilee – Stanmore to Stratford
      • Metropolitan – Amersham / Chesham / Uxbridge to Aldgate
      • Northern – Edgware / High Barnet / Mill Hill East to Morden
      • Piccadilly – Heathrow Airport / Uxbridge to Cocksfosters
      • Victoria – Walthamstow to Brixton
      • Waterloo & City – Waterloo to Bank

    Other TfL” rail systems are:

    • The Tfl Rail Overground Lines with termini:
      • Watford Junction , Chestnut, Richmond, Euston, Chingford, Barking, Stratford, New Cross, Crystal Palace and West Croydon
    • The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) lines with termini:
      • Stratford Intl., Stratford, Beckton, Wollwich Arsenal, Bank, Tower Gateway, Lewisham
    • Tramlink, only in southern suburbs with termini:
      • Beckenham Junction, Elmers End, Croydon, Wimbledon, New Addington

    London has many suburban and inter-city lines that provide services throughout all of the British Isle as well as the European continent.

    Main Train Stations

    E-Scooters – Bird & Lime both offer services within Paris.