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Once you have an idea of which days you will be in what countries or cities you’ll know what days will be travel days. This page will show you distances and travel times between destinations that will allow you to allocate the time of the day or night devoted to traveling to your next destination. As you will find there are many ways to travel between the Europe destinations you have chosen to visit. Go to our ➾ Transportation Options page to view whether driving by car, flying by plane or riding the train, bus or boat will be the best options.

The distance between your selected destinations and the transportation available will determine which mode of travel will be efficient time wise, maybe save you money and an overall good experience.

Travel Time & Mileage…
Distances between major European cities are shown in Miles followed by Kilometers with the duration of travel time underneath. Click anywhere on map to enlarge
 Calculating Travel Time between Cities…

The table below will provide you with distances and times for flying by plane, driving by car and good train options when they are practical.

  •  Flying by Plane – flying time is based a plane departure time arrival time at destination airport. Times are based on non-stop flights when available or shortest duration available with stops. Please add time for travel from the city to the airports as well as time for checking in, going through security, customs or port of entry upon arrival and departure. Airlines suggest check in 1 hour prior to your flights departure for domestic and 2 hours for international flights. 
  • Driving by Car – because of the geographical features of Europe driving to destinations may require going around large bodies of water. This will add significantly to the total miles over flying as the crow flies. It may also require the use of boat service to reach locations like Ireland or parts of Scandinavia, the Baltic and Balkan countries. Driving miles and times are based on shortest route available. Times shown do not take into consideration stops for gas, food and rest.
  • Riding the Train – May be the best option when distances are not too far apart. 2 to 4 hour train trips work as additional time is required for check-in, security and boarder entry on air travel. For long distances consider the many night trains that run throughout most of Europe’s major cities. Night travel allows for a good rest and a night’s hotel stay. Times are based on the fastest trains available with fewest stops. Longer destinations can get long when crossing multiple countries which may require train changes. Layovers are generally short in western and central Europe. Travel is based on departure from a departing city train station to the final destination station.

After setting your agenda go to our » Transportation Options page and see what modes of transportation will be the best forms for you to use.
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