The Famous Sights

Europe offers an unlimited variety of things to see and do. Whatever your interests are for visiting Europe you will find plenty to do to fulfill your interest needs.  Culturally Europe offers some of the greatest museums in the world. The history of Europe is captured, documented and preserved in many of its museums. As Europe explored and settled in all of the other continents it brought back to Europe, not only the resources from those areas but, the relics and records of their past civilizations and culture. Europe is the origin for many forms of art, whether it is painting, music, sculpture or design.  You will find museums and venues dedicated to the preservation and understanding of these art forms.  If you are of European lineage, a trip to the village or area where your ancestors once lived, can be an inspiring and emotional experience.  World War sites where Americans served are a clear reminder of the price many had paid to preserve freedom and end tyranny. Over the centuries certain individuals have made incredible contributions to not only to Europe but, the world.  One can visit where these famous people work, ruled and lived. Then there are those places were events occurred or are remembered. Battlefields, Memorials or Ruins of a past civilizations.

Famous Landmarks

When you think about Europe, there are places that always come first to your mind. Those images of places and objects that always appear in books, magazines, movies and television.


Europe has some of the world’s greatest museums and there are plenty to choose from in all of the countries. When European countries colonized across the globe their archaeologists discovered many of the of the ancient sites in Egypt, China, India, Mesopotamia, etc.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization) seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity

Places of Remembrance

Through the centuries Europe has had great turmoil with warring fractions that have led to horrific wars of great destruction and death. Because of the many wars over the centuries, Europe is littered with cemeteries of the fallen.

Natural Sites & National Parks

If you’re not the type for the hustle and bustle of the big cities and want to see the natural beauty and wonder of the European continent there are some incredible sites to visit.

Cultural Routes

Cultural routes have gained popularity because of the significance they represent to many people. They are a re-enactment of a route taken by a historical person of importance, a route of migration or pilgrimages of certain ethnic and religious groups

Ancient Ruins

Because of the many great civilizations, notably Greece and Rome, Europe today has many remnants of those cultures. Fascinating concepts of engineering and building that these civilizations created are still used today in the construction of buildings, roads, cities, etc.

Neuschwantein Castle
Castles / Châteaus / Palaces

For centuries Europe lived under the rule of Emperors, Kings, Nobles and Lords whose power dominated the people within their fiefdoms and sphere of influence. 

Religious Sites

Religion has had a large influence in most of Europe’s civilizations since recorded history. The Greek and Roman civilizations had their many Gods and the activities of their societies reflected those beliefs.

Battlefields / Fortifications

Europe’s history over the centuries is littered with conflict in which great battles were fought. the struggle for power through the ages, religious intolerance, conquering empires and kingdoms would eventually determine what europe is today.

Historic Homes & Mansions

There are many homes of the famous one can visit in Europe. They can be places of birth, where they conducted their work, or where historical events occurred.

Industrial Heritage

In the mid 18th century the Industrial Revolution started in England and swept across Europe and onto other parts of the world. The Industrial Revolution started the production method of manufacturing things by machine instead of by hand. 

Europe has much to choose from when you are seeking activities in the great outdoors. That is because Europeans are as enthusiastic when it comes to outdoor activities as Americans. Hiking, Bicycling, Water & Winter Sports, etc. are all meshed into the fabric of their lives from the days when their societies relied on those functions for their basic survival.  At one time walking, long distances, skiing over snow, riding a horse or using some sort of aquatic vehicle where the only forms of transportation. Europe posses diversified natural beauty with its various geography and climates. National Parks have emerged to protect these areas as well as, classified UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The geography of the European continent also provides a variety of environments that make it extremely attractive to visit and observe.

Whatever your particular niche of enjoyment may be Europe can fulfill your desire. Europe is home to over 700 million people who work and play just like us in the US. For entertainment Europeans do much of the same things Americans do, attended festivals that preserve their ethnic culture and history, music concerts, sporting events, etc.  They will take summer vacations in the Alps or Scandinavia, not unlike us heading to the Rockies or northern woods. In the winter to escape from the cold long winters they go to warm sunny Mediterranean resorts or the Canary Islands, Much like us heading south to Florida or Arizona. In the major cities there is plenty of night life in clubs, pubs, casinos, the theater and other entertainment venues.

So whatever your interests may be, tailor your visit to meet those interests. Tours and guides are plentiful and a great source of information that will enhance your visit. Determine your travel style and desires and plan around those accordingly.  Go to ➾ Getting Started/Determine Your Traveling Style page for a reference.