City Walks

Leisurely walks through some of Europe’s best city neighborhoods and areas can be a real treat. The architecture of old buildings, streets and parks add flavor and character to memorable areas. Walks like these can be informative and relaxing at the same time. Let your eyes and ears absorb and experience the sights and sounds of these unforgettable places. 
On our ➾ Great European Neighborhoods page find those city areas that are the most interesting while in one of Europes major cities. These wonderful walks are not just the exclusivity of the big cities. Small quint villages and medieval towns await your exploring feet. You can find a list of these on our ➾ Old World Europe page. Larger cities also have wonder parks to walk through. Go to our ➾ Parks & Botanical Gardens page for a recommended list.

Remember, European cities have a lot less crime than US cities. Most areas are extremely safe to walk even at night. Always ask your hotel clerks or concierges for recommendations. However, large cities like London, Paris and Barcelona have a lot to offer and sights are spread out. You will have too choose which areas you want to see on limited time. That is why it is always recommended to spend more time in those cities to even see a portion of their sights.  
If you would like a more adventurous hike, go to our ➾ Hiking and Trails page for a more rigorous activity.

You can find many self guided walks for your destinations online by downloading apps for your smart phone or tablet. If you’rr not into a self guided walk go to our ➾ Tours pages and find free and paid walking tours for many destinations.

Great City Walks…

The cities below are know for their incredible ambiance and charm and make for great self guided walks. Click on the down arrow to expose a list of sights. You will need to allow more time to stop and enter sights, like museums and palaces. Fee’s for visiting these sights may also apply. If you are limited on time in any one location, look closely at doing the overview or introduction walks. These walks will give you a quick orientation of the city by taking you by some of the best sights within the heart of the city.