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The web sites below provide information that will help you locate a tour or guide. Some of these are third party operators, such as clearinghouses and agencies that contract with local or other tour and guide operators. They help you locate a specific tour or guide in an area of your choosing. In addition you can book a service through these web sites for not just tours and guides but, services for transportation and tickets to activities or events. Please note that while you may book a service through one of these web sites they are not responsible for the quality of service or its execution. Read the descriptions of each tour and its terms before booking.

Other sites may be the tour companies or operators themselves. They create the agenda contract with accommodations and transportation and provide the guides or escorts for the tours. You will be contracting directly with them for services and booking. Because they control and oversee all the functions of the tours they are continually recognized by the travel industry with awards for excellence.

If you want more local specific tours please go below to the country listings and find your country. These tours are typically half or full day tours and day trips out and back from major cities. These tours are usually very informative and can be theme specific. Where possible, tour will be listing by types and locations.

Some web sites may require you to register as a potential customer before they provide you with information and pricing. Remember, when you register they ask for personal information like your name, address, phone number and they will always require your email. Make sure they protect your privacy before signing up as web sites may sell your personal information for solicitation.

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Abercrombie & Kent – Luxury Small Group Journey’s, Cruises, Multi-Day Regional Trips, Culture, Wildlife & History. British, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece & Turkey, Central & Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia & the Baltic States

Adventures By Disney Tours – Family friendly vacations packages from 3 to 9 days with included amenities. Activities for children & family. British Isles, Mediterranean countries, Central Europe, France, Scandinavia, Baltic States.

Affordable Tours – Aggregate web site featuring package tours and cruises from over 13 operators. Most European countries and major destinations.

Alexander Roberts Tours – Region or country specific tours, river or small ship cruises for private, group, customer traveling. 36 European countries and major city destinations.

Boundless Journeys – Walking, Hiking, Culture, Nature, Trekking, Expedition Cruising, Family Friendly. France, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey

Brendan Tours – A subsidiary of the Travel Corporation, Brenden has package tours from 4 to 23 days. Culture, History & Sightseeing. Ireland  & Scotland

CIE Tours – Culture, History & Sightseeing, Escorted, Group, Independent  tours. Ireland, Great Britain, Italy & Eastern Europe

CityDiscovery – Large networks of tour operators with various styles of tours from day trips to theme oriented tours. Most European Countries

Civitatis – A large third party network of tour operators with various styles of tours from day trips to theme oriented tours. All European countries.

Context Travel – Walking Seminars in 14 European Cities. Groups, Family or Private. Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, Paris, London, Berlin, Athens, Istanbul, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Madrid, Barcelona

Contiki Vacations – Multi-day country or regional package tours from 3 to 30 days durations. Superior, budget, camping & skiing trips. All of western & eastern Europe, Turkey, Scandinavia, Russia, Balkan and Baltic countries.

Cosmos – A bonded and accredited travel agency provide various tours in Europe. Great Britain, western, central and eastern Europe, Mediterranean and Scandinavian areas.

David McGuffin’s Exploring Europe – European travel through individual and group guided tours focusing on culture, history, art, and engaging experiences. Ireland, Italy, Christmas Markets, UK, Germany, Austria & Switzerland

European Castles Tours – Multi-day, Day Trips, Castles. Germany, Ireland, Austria, France, Italy, Portugal

European Destinations – Aggregate travel web site with various tours and packages. All European countries except Ukraine, Moldova, Albania & Belarus

G Adventures Tours – Tours featuring local accommodations, transportation and lifestyle connecting you closer to the country and its people and culture. Most European countries.

Gate1 Tours – Tour agency with Escorted & Group Tours, River Cruises, Bus & Sea Cruise Combinations, Rail & Independent travel. France, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, Central Europe, Italy, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Scandinavia, Croatia, Iceland, Ireland.

Getours – On Line travel brokerage with escorted,    leisure, river cruises & independent tour styles & vacation package. Tours to 26 different European countries and regions.

Globus – On line service offering packaged tours and planning for multi or single country trips. River cruises & faith based tours. British Isles, France, Central Europe, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Scandinavia, Iceland, Benelux.

Go Ahead Tours – Escorted tours offering exciting and enlightening cultural experiences. British Isles, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltic’s & Balkans.

Grand Circle Travel – Specializing in River Cruises, Small Ship Cruises and Land Tours. Primary small ship & river cruises in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Atlantic, Baltic and Agean Seas. Rhine, Seine, Rhone & Danube rivers. Also pre and post-trip extended land tours throughout most of Europe.

Isango – Specialist retailer of tours, experiences and attraction tickets. Most European Countries

Insight Vacations – Luxury, independent, sustainable & insightful tour packages & cruises. British Isles, Central & Western Europe, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Scandinavia, Iceland.

Kensington Tours – Operator and provider offering 19 different  European tours and event programs. British & Channel Islands, Iceland and all continental European countries.

National Geographic – Expedition offerings of tours and adventure trips. Greece, Turkey, Italy, western & central Europe, British Isles, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Iceland, Scandinavia.

Olde Ipswich Tours – Small group gourmet tours for local art, history, culture & cuisine. France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Uk, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, eastern Europe.

Perillo Tours – All inclusive tour packages with first class hotels. 9 to 14 day trips. Italy, Greece

Private Guides – An aggregate web site that locates private tour guides for a particular city or region. A good site with very comprehensive information. All European countries except Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg & San Marino. N. Ireland is listed under Ireland & Turkey is under Asia.

Private Guides in Europe – Another web site that you can search for a private guide for a certain city or area and reserve a date and time. France, Italy, Poland, England, Czech Republic, & Austria.

Responsible Vacations – Specializes vacations located in villas or resorts areas. Inclusive or for families, couples and relaxing holidays.Turkey, Croatia.

Rick Steves – Rick Steves is a tour operator and guide of European trips that cover multiple countries and regions. British Isles, France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Spain & Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia & Scandinavia, Greece & Turkey

Roadscholar– Educational adventures are created by Elderhostel, the not-for-profit world leader in lifelong learning. Most European Countries

Sandeman’s New Europe Tours – Free Tours in 15 European cities. Partners with professional guides focusing on history & culture. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Lisbon, Liverpool, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris & Prague.

SITA World Tours – 7 to 12 day multiple country package tours, river cruises. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland & Croatia

Tauck World Discovery – Know for excellent escorted 1 & 2 week land yours, river & small ship cruises. Special family and culturally immersive tours. Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain & Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia, central & eastern Europe, Turkey & Mediterranean countries.

Thomas Cook – One of the first individuals to create and organized trips for groups of people in the mid 19th century. Family, inclusive & sustainable vacations. Services are offered throughout Europe and they have store locations throughout the world to assist with travel information.

Thomson Holidays – Specializes in vacations located at villas or resorts. Inclusive or for families, couples, and relaxing holidays. Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Montenegro, Malta, Greece & Cyprus.

Topdeck – Specializes in package trips from 2 to 49 days for the younger 18-30 somethings. Trips to all countries except Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, & Malta

Tour Radar – Tours for Culture, Nature & parties. Biking, hiking, walking, cruises and combinations. All European countries including Faroe Island, Svalbard, Jersey, Guernsey & Gibraltar.

Tours by Locals – Find local listings for tours and guides. All of continental Europe, British Isles, Turkey & Cyprus.

Tours 4 Fun – Travel agency web site with various tour offerings. Multiple day & extended options. France, Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Scandinavia, Ireland, Czechia.

Trafalgar – One of the largest providers of guided vacations in the world. 67 years of experience creating packaged tours. All of Europe except Malta, Andorra, Iceland, Cyprus, Macedonia, Moldova, Albania, Montenegro, Ukraine & San Marino.

Trip Me – Coordinates you and local agencies and guides, to create your own trip package and agenda. Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Greece & Italy

Vacations To Go – Clearinghouse agency that operates several web sites. You must register on line to get a get quote. Other sites are :Europe Travel

Virgin Vacations – Tour operator of all inclusive tours in conjunction with Virgin Atlantic & Virgin America Airlines. Create your own customized trip on line. All European countries except Ukraine, Moldova, Andorra, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Malta, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia & Belarus.

Viator – One of the largest third party networks of tour operators with various styles of tours from day trips to theme oriented tours. All European countries.