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Because of the many wars over the centuries, Europe is littered with cemeteries of the fallen. With the two world wars being that last large conflict in Europe, many cemeteries dot the landscapes for both Axis and Allies countries. The two world wars only took a total of  approximately 15 to 18 million in WW I and 34 to 54 million in WW II. Unlike the first world war the later took more innocent lives then those of the combatants. Americans can visited many of these locations. The American cemetery at Colleville-Sur-Mer in Normandy is the one most visited by Americans. It is the resting place of  fallen Americans from the invasion of Normandy at Omaha Beach, which suffered the most casualties of the the five invasions beaches. It also has a guest center that has exhibits explaining about events and those who participated in the invasion. In addition their are those of the non military. Certain churches contain the tombs and graves of great rulers and royalty over the centuries. Over time it also became a place to of honor to bury and honor famous people of the non-ruling class who made exceptional contributions to country and society . In cities like London and Paris cathedrals and public buildings will contain those of Charles Darwin to Victor Hugo. Public cemeteries open to the public have those of great writers, poets, composers, performers and famous people. Paris’s  famous Père Lachaise is know for the final resting place of many a artist, from Frédéric Chopin and Oscar Wilde to Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison.

Noted Cemeteries of Europe…

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