Battlefields / Fortifications

Europe’s history over the centuries is littered with conflict in which great battles were fought. the struggle for power through the ages, religious intolerance, conquering empires and kingdoms would eventually determine what europe is today. Some of those so dramatic that it would have a direct impact on the rest of the world and its history. Early in the twentieth century the rise and unification of powers in europe collied resulting in two world wars which left much destruction and death. So pivotal were these wars that countries from all over the world were forced to aligned with one side or another and even participate in the fighting.

Battles and conflicts took all shapes and sizes, some were gigantic battles fought by thousands over a day to several days.  As Advancing invasion armies approached major cities and fortified military positions a siege could wage on for over a year. As in world war I, fighting in some of these campaigns would last for months. One side could only move their frontal positions several hundred yards after a week of fighting, then loose it all back a month later.

The persecution of religious and ethnic groups would result in slavery, servitude, detention, death and genocide. This would force the persecuted to flee as refugees and others to go into underground resistance fighting.

These historical places can have memorials and monuments in their exact location to mark their place in history. Next to many of them are also the cemeteries of the fallen, castle ruins, etc. that are associated with these battles.

Fortifications in Europe…  

Below are listed sites of fortifications of different classes. Some became parts of old castles or citadel in which a whole city would exists within the fortified walls. Others could be military installations only for the use of the army for defensive purposes.



  • Baleč
  • Dagnum



  • Fortress Hohensalzburg
  • Finstermünz Fortress



  • Babruysk fortress
  • Brest fortress



Antwerp Providence

  • Fort de Stabroeck
  • Redoute de Berendrecht
  • Redoute de Capellen
  • Fort de Brasschaet
  • Fort de Schooten
  • Redoute de Schilde
  • Fort de Lierre
  • Forte de Wavre-Sainte-Catherine
  • Fort de Breendonck
  • Fort de Liezele
  • Redoute de Puers
  • Fort de Bornhem
  • Fort de Steendorp
  • Redoute d’Oorderen
  • Fort de Zwyndrecht

 Liège Providence

  • Fort de Barchon
  • Fort d’Évegnée
  • Fort de Fléron
  • Fort de Chaudfontaine
  • Fort d’Embourg
  • Fort de Boncelles
  • Fort de Flémalle
  • Fort de Hollogne
  • Fort de Loncin
  • Fort de Lantin
  • Fort de Liers
  • Fort de Pontise
  • Fort de la Chartreuse
  • Citadelle of Liège
  • Fort d’Eben-Emael
  • Fort d’Aubin-Neufchâteau
  • Fort de Battice
  • Fort de Tancrémont

 Namur Providence

  • Fort de Maizeret
  • Fort d’Andoy
  • Fort de Dave
  • Fort de Malonne
  • Fort de Suarlée
  • Fort de Cognelée
  • Fort de Marchovelett  



  • Borač (fortress)
  • Blagaj Fort
  • Bobovac
  • Bužim Fort
  • Citadel Počitelj
  • Fortress of Doboj
  • Fazlagić Tower
  • Glamoč Fortress
  • Hodidjed
  • Kastel Fortress
  • Komotin Fort
  • Maglaj Fortress
  • Pavlovac (fortress)
  • Srebrenik Fortress
  • Vidoski
  • Visočica hill
  • Walled city of JajceZvornik Fortress 



  • Markeli
  • Asen’s Fortress
  • Belogradchik Fortress (Kaleto)



  • Brod Fortress
  • Dinarić Fortress
  • Knin Fortress
  • Lovrijenac
  • Mirabella Fortress (Peovica)
  • Monkodonja
  • Nečven
  • Nehaj Fortress
  • Nesactium
    • Prevlaka Fortress
  • Prozor Fortress
  • Sisak Fortress
  • St. Michael’s Fortress, Šibenik
  • Starigrad Fortress (Fortica)
  • Tvrđa



  • Walls of Nicosia
  • Famagusta Gate
  • Kyrenia Gate 



  • Josefov Fortress
  • Roman fort, Mušov
  • Stachelberg
  • Terezín
  • Vitrified fort  



  • Flakfortet
  • Middelgrundsfortet
  • Trekroner Fort 



  • Toomemägi
  • Toompea
  • Varbola Stronghold

Peter the Great’s Naval Fortress

  • Aegna
  • Kakumäe
  • Naissaar
  • Suurupi
  • Viimsi



Fortress of Suomenlinnea



  • Group Fortifications of Aisne
  • Fort des Ayvelles
  • Bastille (Grenoble)
  • Petit Bé
  • Fort of Beauregard (Besançon)
  • Fort de Bellegarde
  • Fort de Bertheaume
  • Citadel of Besançon
  • Fort des Bordes
  • Fort de Bourlémont
  • Fort Boyard (fortification)
  • Fort of Bregille
  • Fort de Bron
  • Fort de Caluire
  • Fort Carré
  • Citadel of Lille
  • Fort de Condé-sur-Aisne
  • Fort de la Crèche
  • Fort Decaen
  • Fort Déroulède
  • Fort Douaumont
  • Fort Dubois
  • Fort Duchère
  • Fort des Dunes
  • Fort l’Écluse
  • Fort Enet
  • Fort de Feyzin
  • Fort de Brégançon
  • Fort de la Conchée
  • Fort de La Prée
  • Fort de Mutzig
  • Fort du Portalet
  • Fort Fleur d’épée
  • Fort Liberia
  • Fort Mahon
  • Fort National
  • Fort of Justices
  • Fort of Rosemont
  • Fort Rapp
  • Fort Risban
  • Fort Saint-Elme (France)
  • Forts of Metz
  • Group Fortifications Francois-de-Guise
  • Führer Headquarters
  • Fort Gambetta
  • Heurt Fort
  • Fort de Joux
  • Fort Lauvallieres
  • Group Fortification Lorraine
  • Fort Louvois
  • Fort de Loyasse
  • Lunettes of Trois-Châtels and Tousey
  • Group Fortification Marne
  • Meuse-Line
  • Fort du Mont Verdun
  • Fort Montbarey
  • Moselle-Line
  • Fort Ney (Fransecky)
  • Fort of Planoise
  • Questel Fort
  • Fort Saint-Jean (Marseille)
  • Fort Saint-Jean (Lyon)
  • Fort de Saint-Julien
  • Fort Saint-Privat
  • Fortifications of Saint-Quentin
  • Fort de Salses
  • Fort de Seclin
  • Tour Royale, Toulon
  • Fort de Tournoux
  • Fort de Vancia
  • Fort Vaux
  • Group Fortification Verdun
  • Fort de Viraysse
  • Vitrified fort
  • Lines of Weissenburg
  • Group Fortification Yser



  • Ayers Kaserne
  • Wildenstein Castle (Leibertingen)
  • Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
  • Grauerort fortress
  • Königstein Fortress
  • Moritzburg Fortress
  • Petersberg Citadel
  • Saalburg
  • Spandau Citadel
  • Fortress of Ulm
  • Veste Coburg
  • Veste Oberhaus
  • Mainz Citadel  



  • Palamidi
  • New Fortress of Corfu
  • Firka Fortress
  • Fortress of Pantokrator
  • Mystras
  • Monemvasia  



  • Fuzer Fortress



  • Borgarvirki Fortress



  • Charles Fort



  • Forte Spagnolo, L’Aquila
  • Fort Bard, Bard
  • Forte a Mare, Brindisi
  • Walls of Genoa
  • Fortress of Orsini
  • Priamar Fortress, Savona
  • Fortress of San Leo, Marche
  • Belvedere, Florence 



Daugavpils Fortress (Dinaburg)



  • Apuolė
  • Aukštupėnai mound
  • Karmazinai mound
  • Kernavė
  • Molavėnai
  • Napoleon’s Hill
  • Pilėnai
  • Ukmergė
  • Seventh Fort
  • Ninth Fort
  • Voruta  



  • Boch Cassments
  • Boch Promontory
  • Chemin de la Corniche
  • Fort Thüngen
  • Hollow Tooth
  • Holy Ghost Citadel
  • Lambert Redoubt
  • Petrusse Casements
  • Spanish Turret
  • Trois Tours  



  • Fort Benghisa
  • Fort Binġemma
  • Fort Cambridge
  • Fort Campbell
  • Fort Chambray
  • Fort Delimara
  • Fort Leonardo
  • Fort Madalena
  • Fort Manoel
  • Fort Mosta
  • Fort Pembroke
  • Fort Ricasoli
  • Fort Rinella
  • Fort Saint Angelo
  • Fort Saint Elmo
  • Fort San Lucian
  • Fort Saint Michael
  • Fort Saint Rocco
  • Fort San Salvatore
  • Fort Spinola
  • Fort Tas-Silġ
  • Fort Tigné
  • Fort Verdala  





  • Fort Nassau
  • Fort Bourtange
  • Fort Pampus
  • Fort de Roovere
  • Wierickerschans
  • Fort along Den Ham
  • Fort near De Kwakel
  • Muiden Fortress
  • Fort Vijfhuizen
  • Vuurtoreneiland 



  • Akershus Fortress in Oslo
  • Audunborg in Jølster
  • Bergenhus Fortress in Bergen
  • Båhus Fortress
  • Hamarhus Castle in Hamar
  • Isegran in Fredrikstad
  • Steinvikholm Castle in Stjørdal
  • Sverresborg Castle in Trondheim
  • Sverresborg Castle in Bergen
  • Tønsberg Fortress
  • Vardøhus Fortress
  • Fredriksberg fortress
  • Fredriksholm Fortress (Kristiansand)
  • Fredrikstad Fortress
  • Fredriksten Fortress
  • Fredriksværn
  • Kongsvinger Fortress
  • Basmo Fortress
  • Blaker Fortress
  • Christiansfjell Fortress (Elverum)
  • Munkholmen Fortress (Trondheim)
  • Staverns Fortress
  • Christiansholm Fortress (Kristiansand)
  • Christiansø Fortress
  • Kristiansten Fortress (Trondheim)
  • Altenhus Fortress (Alta)
  • Hegra Fortress
  • Kvarven Fort
  • Odderøya Fortress
  • Oscarsborg Fortress
  • Trondenes Fort
  • Meløyvær Fortress
  • Møvik Fortress  



  • Kłodzko Fortress
  • Kraków Fortress
  • Międzyrzecz Fortification Region
  • Modlin Fortress
  • Osowiec
  • Poznań Fortress
  • Toruń Fortress
  • Warsaw Fortress



  • Belém Tower, Lisbon
  • Fort of Guincho, Cascais
  • Fort of Leça de Palmeira, Porto
  • Castelo da Póvoa, Póvoa de Varzim
  • Fort of São Sebastião de Caparica, Almada
  • Fort of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, Lagoa
  • Fort of Nossa Senhora da Rocha, Lagoa
  • Fort of Pessegueiro Island, Sines
  • Fort of Santa Catarina, Portimão
  • Fort of São João Baptista, Peniche
  • Fort of São João do Arade, Lagoa
  • Fort of São Pedro do Estoril, Cascais
  • Fort of São João Baptista, Angra do Heroísmo
  • Fort of Greta, Horta
  • Fort of Negrito, Angra do Heroísmo
  • Valença Fortress, Valença  



  • Alexandrov Kremlin
  • Astrakhan Kremlin
  • Fort Alexander (St. Petersburg)
  • Gdov Kremlin
  • Ivangorod fortress
  • Kazan Kremlin
  • Kolomna Kremlin
  • Kronstadt
  • Moscow Kremlin
  • Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin
  • Novgorod Kremlin
  • Peter and Paul Fortress, Saint Petersburg
  • Por-Bazhyn, Tuva Republic
  • Tobolsk Kremlin
  • Tula Kremlin



  • Muralla de Santiago de Compostela
  • Fort Chinchilla
  • Fort Jerez de los Caballeros
  • Fort Cartagena
  • Batería de Aspiroz
  • Muelle de Gallineras
  • Fuerte de Punta Carnero
  • Fuerte de San García
  • Batería de San Genís
  • Fort San Marcos
  • Batería de San Melitón de la Calavera
  • Fort Sancti Petri (San Fernando)
  • Batería de Urrutia
  • Fort Peníscola
  • Fort Molina de Aragón
  • Fort Coria
  • Fort Sant Ferran (Figueres)
  • Fort Cartaya
  • Fort Niebla
  • Fort Cortegana
  • Muralla urbana de Marbella
  • Fort San Felipe
  • Fort Caravaca de la Cruz
  • Fort Olite
  • Fort San Cristóbal
  • Fort Bellver
  • Alcázar of Segovia
  • Fort Berlanga de Duero
  • Fort Toledo
  • Fort Encinas de Esgueva
  • Fort Peñafiel
  • Fort Simancas
  • Fort Villalba de los Alcores
  • Aljaferia



  • Bodens fästning
  • Carlsten
  • Bohus Fästning
  • Karlsborg Fortress  



  • Fort de Champillon
  • Fort de Chillon
  • Mueterschwanderberg 



  • Anadoluhisarı
  • Casemates of İbrahim Pasha
  • Diyarbakır Fortress
  • Rumelihisarı
  • Yedikule Fortress 



  • Arabat Fortress
  • Borysohlibska Fortress
  • Charax, Crimea
  • Chufut-Kale
  • Kerch (fortress)
  • Khadjibey
  • Khortytsia
  • Khotyn Fortress
  • Kiev Fortress
  • Kodak Fortress
  • Letychiv Fortress
  • Lysa Hora (Kiev)
  • Medzhybizh Fortress
  • Okopy, Ternopil Oblast
  • Ukrainian line
  • Yeni-Kale 





  • Maunsell Sea Forts
  • Dymchurch Redoubt
  • Eastbourne Redoubt
  • Fort Burgoyne
  • Admiralty Pier Turret
  • Dover Western Heights
  • Littlehampton Redoubt
  • Newhaven Fort
  • Saxon Shore Forts
  • Shoreham Redoubt
  • Coalhouse Fort
  • Cliffe Fort
  • New Tavern Fort
  • Shornmead Fort
  • Slough Fort
  • Tilbury Fort
  • Fort Horsted
  • Fort Amherst
  • Fort Borstal
  • Fort Bridgewood
  • Fort Clarence
  • Fort Darnet
  • Fort Luton
  • Fort Hoo
  • Fort Pitt
  • Garrison Point Fort
  • Grain Fort & Grain Tower Battery
  • Crookhorn Redoubt
  • Fort Fareham
  • Farlington Redoubt
  • Fort Nelson
  • Fort Southwick
  • Fort Purbrook
  • Fort Wallington
  • Fort Widley
  • Fort Blockhouse
  • Fort Brockhurst
  • Fort Elson
  • Fort Gilkicker
  • Fort Grange
  • Fort Monckton
  • Fort Rowner
  • Fort Cumberland
  • Lumps Fort
  • Horse Sand Fort
  • No Mans Land Fort
  • Spitbank Fort
  • St Helens Fort
  • Liscard Battery
  • Fort Perchrock
  • Bath Side Battery
  • Beacon Hill Battery
  • Harwich Redoubt
  • Landguard Fort
  • Shotley Battery
  • Weymouth
  • Nothe Fort
  • Chudleigh Fort
  • Berry Head
  • Bristol Channel
  • Brean Down Fort
  • Bayard’s Cove Fort
  • Royal Citadel
  • Agaton Fort
  • Breakwater Fort
  • Cawsand Fort
  • Crownhill Fort
  • Ernesettle Fort
  • Fort Bovisand
  • Picklecombe Fort
  • Polhawn Fort
  • Fort Scraesdon
  • Fort Tregantle
  • Whitesand Bay Battery
  • Woodlands Fort
  • Verne Citadel
  • East Weare Battery
  • High Angle Battery
  • Blacknor Fort  
  • The Humber Forts
  • Fort Paull
  • The Tyne Turrets 



  • Bennachie
  • Tap o’ Noth
  • White Caterthun and Brown Caterthun
  • An Caisteal, Coll
  • Dùn Cholla, Colonsay
  • Dùn Dubh, Coll
  • Dùn Eibhinn, Colonsay
  • Dùn Meadhonach, Colonsay
  • Dùn Morbhaidh, Coll
  • Dunadd
  • Dun Skeig, Kintyre
  • Castle Law, Dumyat
  • Doon of May
  • Grennan Hill
  • Tynron Doon 
  • Black Castle
  • Blackcastle Hill
  • Chesters Hill Fort 
  • Traprain Law
  • White Castle
  • Arthur’s Seat
  • Blackford Hill
  • Clatchard Craig
  • Norman’s Law
  • Dunearn
  • Dun Evan
  • Dun Ringill
  • Craig Phadrig, Inverness 
  • Castle Law
  • Cluny Hill
  • Doune of Relugas
  • Knock of Alves
  • Moredun Top hill fort, Moncreiffe Hill
  • Edin’s Hall Broch
  • Eildon Hill
  • Peniel Heugh
  • Black Hill 
  • Dumyat
  • Gillies Hill
  • Dumbarton Rock
  • Bowden hill fort
  • Peace Knowe hill fort
  • Castlethorn hill fort
  • Cockleroy hill fort
  • Dùn Èistean



  • Dale Fort
  • Fort Hubberstone
  • Popton Fort
  • Pill Fort
  • Chapel Bay Fort
  • South Hook Fort
  • Fort Scoveston
  • Stack Rock Fort
  • Thorn Island Fort
  • St Catherine’s Fort
  • Fort Belan  

Major Historical Battles..

This table shows battles that had major consequences in determining the history of Europe. What would have Europe been today had the Ottomans’s captured Vienna. Would the most of Europe be under the influence of the Islamic faith? What if Napoleon had defeated the Coalition at Waterloo? Would France’s strength have occupied more of Europe and prohibiting the rise of Germany power, thus thwarting the conflicts that led to World War I? If no World War I would there have been a World War II? So significant where these results that Europe, as it is today, for better or worse, could be very different.   

EventConflictPresent LocationDate
Battle of MarathonGreco – Persian WarAttica, Greece490 BC
Sea Battle of SalamisGreco – Persian WarSalamis, Greece480 BC
Battle of SyracusePeloponnesian WarSicily415-413 BC
Battle of Cannae2nd Punic WarCanna, Italy8/2/216 BC
Battle of Metaurus2nd Punic WarMarche, Italy207 BC
Battle of AlesiaRoman-Gallic WarsBourgeois, France51 BC
Sea Battle of ActiumAntony’s Civil Waroff Actium, Greece31 BC
Battle of Teutoburg Forest (Arminius)Roman-Germanic WarsKalkriese, Germany9/9 AD
Melvin Bridge BattleTetrarchy Civil WarRome, Italy10/28/312
Sea Battle of HellespontWars of ConstantineThe Dardanelles, Turkey7/324
Battle of AdrianopleGothic WarEdirne, Turkey8/9/378
Battle of Catalonian Fields (Câhlons)Hunnic InvasionChampagne, France6/20/451
Siege of ConstantinopleArab-Byzintine WarsIstanbul, Turkey718
Uprising of CovadangaReconquistaCovadanga, Spain718-722
Battle of ToulouseReconquistaToulouse, France721
Battle of Tours (Poitiers)ReconquistaTours, France10/10/732
Battle of HastingsNorman ConquestHastings, England10/14/1066
Battle of Gvozd MountainWar of Croatian SuccessionPetra Gora, Croatia1097
Battle of Las Navas de TolosaReconquistaLas Navas de Tolosa, Spain7/16/1212
Battle of BouvinesAnglo-French WarBouvines, France1214
Battle of SluysHundred Years WarSluis, Netherlands6/24/1340
Battle of NájeraCastilian Civil WarNájera, Spain4/3/1367
Battle of AljubarrottaPortuguese Crisis Aljubarrotta, Portugal8/14/1385
Battle of SempachSwiss Expansion WarSempach, Switzerland7/9/1386
Battle of KosovoSerbian-Ottoman WarsPristina, Serbia6/15/1389
Agincourt CampaignHundred Years WarAgincourt, France10/25/1415
Siege of OrléansHundred Years WarOrleans, France10/12/1428-5/8/1429
Battle of FormignyHundred Years WarFormigny, France4/15/1450
Siege of ConstantinopleByzintine-Ottoman WarsIstanbul, Turkey4/6-5/29/1453
Battle of Lochmaben FairAnglo-Scottish WarsLochmaben, Scotland7/22/1484
Battle of CrevolaTransalpine ConflictCrevoladossola, Italy4/28/1487
Battle of SauchieburnRebellion against James IIIStirling, Scotland6/11/1488
Siege & War of GranadaReconquistaGranada, Spain4/1491-1/1492
Battle Krbrava FieldCroatian-Ottoman WarLika, Croatia9/9/1493
Battle of RotebroDano-Swedish WarRotor, Sweden9/28/1497
Battle of MarignanoWar of the League of CambraiMelegnano, Italy9/13-14/1515
Battle of MohácsOttoman – Hungarian WarsMohács, Hungary8/29/1526
Siege of ViennaOttoman Hapsburg WarsVienna, Austria9/27-10/15/1529
Battle of MühlbergSchmalkaldic WarMühlberg, Germany4/24/1547
Siege of NarvaLivonia WarNarva, Estonia4-6/1558
Siege of SzigetvárOttoman-Hasbburg WarsSzigetvár, Hungary8/6-9/8/1566
Battle of HeiligerleeEighty Years WarHeiligerlee, Netherlands5/23/1568
Battle of LepantoHoly League vs. Ottoman EmpireGulf of Patras, Ionian Sea, Greece10/7/1571
St. Bartholomew’s Day MassacreFrench Wars of ReligionParis, France8/23-24/1572
The Spanish ArmadaAnglo-Spanish WarEnglish Channel8/8/1588
Battle of SisakCroatian-Ottoman WarSisak, Croatia6/22/1593
Battle of White Mt.Thirty Years WarBílá Hora, Czechia11/8/1620
Siege of BredaAnglo-Spanish WarsBreda, Netherlands8/28/1624-6/5/1625
Battle of LützenThirty Years WarLützen, Germany11/6-16/1632
Battle of NördlingenThirty Years WarNördlingen, Germany9/5-6/1634
Battle of WittstockThirty Years WarWittstock, Germany10/4/1636
Battle of Naseby1st English Civil WarNaseby, England6/14/1645
Battle of ViennaOttoman InvasionVienna, Austria9/12/1683
Action at La HogueWar of the Grand AllianceSaint-Vaast-la-Hougue, France5/21-24/1692
Battle of ZentaGreat Turkish WarSenta, Serbia9/11/1697
Battle of BlenheimWar of Spanish SuccessionHöchstädt, Germany8/13/1704
Battle of RamilliesWar of Spanish SuccessionRamillies, Belgium5/23/1706
Battle of Pultowa (Poltava)Great Northern WarPoltava, Ukraine6/27-28/1709
Battle of DenainWar of Spanish SuccessionDeanna, France7/24/1712
Battle of FontenoyWar of Austrian SuccessionTourney, Belgium5/11/1745
Battle of LeuthenThird Silesian WarLutynia, Poland12/5/1757
Siege of GibraltarAmerican Revolutionary WarGibraltar6/24/1779-2/7/1783
Battle of ValmyFrench Revolutionary WarsValmy, France9/20/1792
Battle of MarengoWar of the 2nd CoalitionSpinetta-Marengo, Italy6/14/1800
Battle of AusterlitzNapoleonic WarsBrno, Czech Rep.12/2/1805
Sea Battle of TrafalgarWar of the 3rd CoalitionCape Trafalgar, Spain10/1805
Battle of BorodinoNapoleonic WarsBorodin, Russia9/7/1812
Battle of VitoriaPeninsula WarsVitoria, Spain6/21/1813
Battle of LeipzigWar of the 6th CoalitionLeipzig, Germany10/16-19/1813
Battle of WaterlooWar of the 7th CoalitionWaterloo, Belgium 6/18/1815
Battle of AkhalzicRusso-Turkish War 1828-29Akhaltsikhe, Georgia3/4/1829
Siege of SevastopolCrimean WarSevastopol, Ukraine10/17/1854 – 9/9/1855
Battle of Solferino2nd Italian War of IndependenceSolferino, Italy6/24/1859
Sea Battle of Lissa3rd Italian War of IndependenceLisa, Croatia7/20/1866
Battle of SedanFranco-Prussian WarSedan, France9/1-2/1870
Battle of Shipka PassRusso-Turkish War 1877-78Shipka Pass, Bulgaria1877-1878
WORLD WAR I Europe1914 -1918
First Battle of Marne WW IMarne, France9/6 – 10/1914
Gallipoli CampaignWW IDardanellles, Turkey4/25/1915-1/9/1916
Battle of JutlandWW INorth Sea5/31 – 6/1/1916
Battle of the SommeWW ILa Boiselle, France7/1 – 11/18/1916
Battle of VerdunWW IVerdun, France2/21- 12/18/1916
Battle of YpresWW IYpres, Belgium1914-1918
Brusilov OffensiveWW ILviv, Lutsk & Kovel, Ulkraine6/4 – 9/20/1916
Battle of AmiensWW IAmiens, France8/8-11/1918
Battle of Vittorio-VenetoWW IVittorio, Italy10/24-11/4/1918
Battle of WarsawPolish-Soviet WarWarsaw, Poland8/13/1920
Battle of BelchiteSpanish Civil WarBelchite, Spain8/24-9/7/1937
WORLD WAR II Europe1939-1945
Battle of SedanWW IISedan, France5/12-15/1940
Battle of BrodyWW IIBroday, Ukraine6/1941
2nd Battle of KharkovWW IIKharkov, Ukraine5/1942
Siege of LeningradWW IILeningrad, Soviet Union9/8/1941-1/27/1944
Battle of StalingradWW IIStalingrad, Soviet Union11/1942-1/1943
Battle of KurskWW IIKursk, Soviet Union7-8/ 1943
Battle of Monte CassinoWW IICassino, Italy1-5/1944
Battle of AnzioWW IIAnzio, Italy1-6/ 1944
D Day InvasionWW IINormandy, France6/6/1944
Battle of ArnhemWW IINetherlands9/17-26/1944
Battle of the BulgeWW IIBastogne, Belgium12/16/1944-1/25/1945
Battle of RemagenWW IIRemagen, Germany3/7-15/1945
Battle of BerlinWW IIBerlin, Germany4-6/1945

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