Aerial Transportation

Aerial Transportation is most useful when trying to get from one elevation to another.  When there are steep changes in elevation over a short distance ordinary ground transportation isn’t the physical solution. This transportation form is commonly used in mountainous areas as well as in hilly urban areas. In many cases these are the only transport to get to some high locations, like mountain peaks, scenic lookouts, etc.            

There are several different classifications of aerial transportation that are determined by how they operate mechanically. The two most popular forms are aerial tramways and gondola lifts. A gondola lift has cabins suspended from a continuously circulating cable whereas aerial trams simply shuttle back and forth on cables.

Some of these are operated by local public transportation departments and fees may be covered under your transit passes. Others may incur and a charge for a round trip.

There is also several forms ground transportation used to transport one up a steep elevation like, funiculars, cable railways, etc. The main difference is these vehicles use rails instead of suspended cables to move. The propulsion to climb can be an attached cable or cog rail between the rails.

In any case these forms are your best and sometimes only choice to get up and down from one elevated location to another.  

Aerial Tramway Locations…